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Tehachapi Today!

A full color 112 page hard bound book with dust cover showcasing the drama and beauty of railroading today at one of the seven wonders of the railroad world, Tehachapi Pass. Includes approximately 180 photographs.

While RMNE volunteers tamp and linethe leads to the new shop in April 2007, work is under way to build the subgrade for three storage tracks between the shop and main line.

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112 page hard bound with dust cover on the Boston & Maine Black & White and color

photographs spanning 3 decades!

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Our MemoriesSUSQUEHANNA of the

The Susquehanna captured by Ron Wallace in the late 90’s. Since his passing, we release it in memory of Ron. Scenes include Saddlebrook, Warwick, Erie Main, Little Ferry, Utica, Binghamton, Chenango Forks, Strucca, Butler, Syracuse, Phillipsburg, and more. 1 hr 48 min. ONLY $24.95

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Vol 1-The East End 1 Hr 40 Mins RAILS that MOVED the 50’s

A look back at three major railroads that shaped the American way of life in the 1950’s. 5 Industry Films Produced by: The Western Maryland Railway, The Reading Company, and The Pennsylvania Railroad. ONLY $29.95


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From the worn railroad of the 1970’s through the modern railroad of the 21st Century... See Port Jefferson Line, Mainline to Greenport, and Montauk Branch. ONLY $24.95

RonRail Pictures

Work continued through February, even

as outside temperatures dropped into the single digits. Previously, little was accom- plished during the winter, but this year, the volunteers pushed the shop project forward working indoors. With temporary heating, the building was easily brought to a com- fortable 45-50 degrees as Museum person- nel carefully aligned and installed hundreds of track fasteners in the concrete floor while others worked on installation of the perma- nent electrical service. By the end of Febru- ary, the shop building was ready for instal- lation of the rails. Work during March concentrated on preparing and connecting the shop track rails, with the east track see- ing the first movement of a locomotive into the building on March 24. RMNE acted as its own general contrac-

tor for this project, supervising the experi- enced contractors handling such jobs as con- crete forming and finishing, steel building erection, well drilling, rock crushing and some site grading. RMNE’s own volunteers used Museum equipment to perform many tasks on the site, including most grading, al- most all the soil compaction and backfilling, drain piping and electrical installation and material handling. An incredibly talented group of Museum members brought their professional abilities to the project — archi- tects, electrical, civil and mechanical engi- neers, heating and electrical contractors, and heavy equipment operators, to name a few. And all track and switch construction was done by RMNE volunteers.

Technical Details: Shop and Yard Track The two tracks inside the building are 131- lb. rail, starting at a point 20-25 feet north of the building, continuing through the 180- foot length, and transitioning to New Haven 107-lb. rail (NH 107) at each end. The 131-lb. rail is primarily five sections of welded rail, so as to have no joint bars over the inspection pit and as few joints in the building as possi- ble. The first 100 feet on the north end of

each inside track is welded 131-lb. The re- mainder is 131-lb. jointed rail of various lengths. The shop lead track, yard switches, yard tracks, shop entrance tracks are all con- structed from NH 107 rail. A mix of all-new and excellent relay switch timbers were used in the switches, with mostly relay 7×9 ties (with some new 7×9s) in the track sections.

Concrete Floor and Track Slabs Before the concrete work started, the interi- or of the building was graded, “road mix” gravel (“screenings” or “fines” as it’s called in some places) was placed in the track slab and finished floor areas, and the entire area was compacted. Specifications called for 95 per cent compaction; tests showed that we achieved 97-98 per cent compaction. The un- derlying, undisturbed material is mostly bank-run gravel, which drains and compacts well. The south end of the building is on sol- id rock (“ledge”). Each shop track is built on a nine-inch

thick slab of reinforced 4000-p.s.i. concrete. The track fastenings in the building are Pan- drol “E-clip” elastic fasteners attached to 320 steel plates in the floor, which were accu- rately located and leveled along each track section as part of the form and reinforcing bar work before the concrete was poured. Af- ter the two track slabs were poured, the fin- ish floor was formed, rebar installed and more 4000-p.s.i. concrete was poured for a depth of seven inches. The design is such that a 24-inch wide, 16-inch deep jacking area runs the length of each side of both tracks. The finished floor is at rail head height, and there are center sections at each track door for rubber-tired vehicle access. Two center sections were poured in the mid- dle of each track length to allow shop equip- ment to cross over the tracks. Once the concrete had cured and the

forms were removed, cleanup of the floor area took place. The next step was to lay out and install two weld-on Pandrol shoulders on each of the 320 embedded track plates. Some well-designed fixtures and jigs were



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