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COFFEE-PRODUCING REGIONS AROUND THE WORLD. Every Arabica bean is masterfully roasted, highlighting the unique characteristics of the land in which it was grown.


Cinnamon Pastry The sweetness of cinnamon with a light pastry fi nish. Decadent and delicious, this is a coffee for the senses.

TPB4136 Colombian Excelencia

An exceptional 100% Colombian coffee from the high altitudes of Colombia’s majestic Andes mountains.


Decaf Colombian A pure Colombian and caffeine free coffee that retains most of its original coffee character.


French Vanilla The taste of this fl avored selection is quite decadent with the subtle sophistication of all-natural vanilla.


French Roast This blend is roasted to perfection, resulting in coffee that is strong, sweet, and sharp.


Italian Blend One of our lighter dark roasts. A smooth blend with a symbiotic balance of sweetness, smokiness and body.

TPB4101 Midnight Magic EB

Created to harmonize the body and sweetness of Ara- bica coffee with the spiciness of West Coast roasting.


Parisian Nights EB This classic roast is a thick, hearty blend, with 25% more coffee than our standard K-Cup packs.

TPB4124 Rainforest Espresso™ EB

This espresso coffee blend is a strong, full-bodied coffee, and it’s 100% Rainforest Alliance Certifi ed!

TPB4130 Decaf Rainforest Espresso™ EB

This just might be the best cup of decaf you’ve ever tasted! Rich, smooth, full-bodied coffee.

TPB4134 = Save with Café EXPRESS® (see page 6) / [FTO] = Fair Trade Certifi ed™ Organic / EB = Extra Bold 1.888.879.4627 29 Irish Cream

This coffee embodies the character of Irish Cream liqueur, which gives it a superb aroma and fl avor.

TPB4104 Mocha Java

A blend with the bright sweetness of Ethiopian beans and the hearty body of Indonesian beans.


Nicaraguan Fair Trade Organic EB [FTO] A well-rounded coffee that awakens your senses as you indulge in the full-bodied and smooth fl avor.


MILD ROASTS Breakfast Blend

Sweet, aromatic Costa Rican and smoky, subtle Guatemalan Arabica coffee beans are blended and lightly roasted, creating a complex yet smooth fl avor.


Morning Blend This lively blend is fi nely balanced and enjoyably sweet, plus it is Rainforest Alliance Certifi ed.™ A choice you can feel good about! Relax and enjoy.

TPB4120 Heritage Shortbread Cookies

Buttery and delicious, Heritage Shortbread Cookies are real classics and go great with any coffee brew you choose! 12 cookies per tin.

T53054 | $15.95

“The best decaf coffee out there! Timothy’s Colombian Decaf is a full bodied, robust coffee. I love it and often serve it to friends ... and they have no clue it is ‘unleaded.’”

—BECKY, HAGERSTOWN, MD. German Chocolate Cake

The unique sweetness of a creamy German frosting that blends caramel and vanilla with toasted coconut.


Hazelnut A luscious combination of roasted hazelnut and French vanilla cream. Our best-selling fl avored coffee.


Decaf Hazelnut Our best-selling fl avored coffee, without the caffeine.

TPB4109 PACKS $16.49 / $13.98


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