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Is Your IT Operating at Peak Performance? I

N this issue of Connection, we explore various strategies to improve IT performance across

your organization. From data center and network upgrades to enhanced backup and recovery processes, we cover best practices to ensure your technology reaches its full potential. Every organization wants the best performance, but not everyone has a big budget. Learn where to invest your funds for maximum impact on user productivity, including tips to get the most out of your server and desktop OS upgrades. Extend wireless coverage, boost speed, and increase reliability with a network that’s ready to support next- generation applications like voice over IP (VoIP) and videoconferencing. While your budget might not be

limitless, it may seem like your data is. Discover seven steps to transition from tape to disk-based backup and realize serious efficiency gains. We can also help you optimize your virtualization and cloud computing initiatives with

valuable insights on how to deliver reliable service, remove storage bottlenecks, and select the right virtual desktop solutions to increase end-user productivity and mobility. Extracting every ounce of value out of

your technology improvements is easiest when you have the right services on tap. Guarantee your infrastructure is running efficiently and securely with a complete offering of professional services from PC Connection. Our services can help you optimize your virtual data center, deliver productivity-boosting computing systems, build a network to support today’s applications as well as tomorrow’s, and create a storage solution that scales to meet your evolving needs. Read on to learn more about these

exciting technologies and services, and then give us a call to see how we can help you design, build, and manage an IT infrastructure that takes your organization’s performance to new heights.




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