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7 Steps 26 BY BRIEN M. POSEY W

HEN an organization discovers just how well disk-based backups overcome the challenges that have long been a part of tape backups, it is

tempting to say “out with the old and in with the new.” However, making the switch from tape backups to a disk-based backup appliance requires a lot more planning than might be expected. You have to account for a number of different factors, including your ability to restore data that was originally backed up to tape.

1. Testing, Testing… 1, 2, 3 When you purchase a disk backup appliance, the first

thing that I recommend is to test it in a lab environment. It may be tempting to connect the new backup solution to your production network and immediately begin using it for backups, but doing so can cause problems.

The reliability of using a new backup appliance to back

up a production network should be a main concern. If the backup does not work in the way that you expected (which can easily happen due to a configuration error), then you might end up in a situation in which no usable current backups exist. That’s why setting up a lab environment that shares

a similar configuration to your production network is recommended. This process allows you to set up, configure, and thoroughly test your new backup solution prior to placing it on the production network. It is important to test the new backup system, rather

than trying to connect the new system and the existing backup system simultaneously. The reason is that when you run two different backup solutions against the same servers, the backup products will usually fight with one another. In the case of file servers, both solutions may

to Transition from Tape

How to Introduce Disk-Based Backup Like a Pro




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