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Rowan Member Feature We wanted to find out more about

member Sigita

Burskyte-Olivier when we saw her amazing designs on our Facebook page.

“I am a visual designer graduate from the Vilnius Academy of Arts. Six years ago, I left my native country, Lithuania, and I came to live in Belgium. Here, people were very interested in my knitting, crochet and felt creations. They were stopping me in the streets, on the metro and asking me where I found my knitwear. I received a lot of compliments. This motivated me to continue in that direction and “Idée de Fée” was born. “Idée de Fée” is like my nickname and also my label. I create unique handmade pieces and limited edition collections. “

When did you learn to knit? “When I was about 6 or 7 years old, I started to knit. My mother used to knit a lot but she had no time to teach me. I found an old book with pictures explaining how to knit, took the needles and some yarns and started to follow the pictures step by step. What a feeling of happiness came when I succeeded and knit two rows! At the start I was knitting clothes for my dolls. At 10 years old, I made my first sweater for myself in three months and the second one within two weeks during the Christmas holidays; then one for my sister and another one, and so on. And since then, I knit all the time and wherever I can.”

What inspires your work? “Fashion, nature, people in the street, everything around inspires me. Sometimes, I am just holding the yarn in my hands and the vision comes, just like that! That’s what happened with the Rowan yarns. A new large creative store opened in Brussels recently. There is a knitting section full of Rowan yarns with all types and colours. When I was there, touching the beautiful yarns inspired me to create my latest design with Rowan.”

Which is your favourite Rowan design and why? “Rowan designs are one of my inspiration sources. They are very beautiful and original, but I prefer to create my own designs. There are many designs I like, but my favourite is ‘Lidiya’. The lovely harmony of colours and motifs reminds me of my mother’s knitting.”

6 - April 2012

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