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Mary Lyon Society

A Commitment to the Future

Left to right: Curtis Smith, Professor Emeritus of Biological Sciences; Natalie Baxter Strange ’82; Isabelle Strange ’14

After leaving the corporate worldwhen her daughter was born, Natalie Baxter Strange ’82 sought a new way to express her gratitude to Mount Holyoke College. At the time, she was living in Belgium with her husband, Alan, a minister for the Church of England. They’d met when she was working in Brussels for Smithkline Beecham Pharmaceuticals and attended his English-speaking church, Holy Trinity. “I no longer could donate as generously as in the

past,” she said. “But I still wanted give back in a significant way. That’s what led me in 2000 to name the College as a contingent beneficiary in my will.” Raised outside Philadelphia, Baxter Strange was

well acquainted with the College because her mother, Peace Whitman Baxter ’59, had been a student until a serious injury during sophomore year. Years later, on a visit to the college her mother still loved, she realized that Mount Holyoke was where she wanted to be. “My time on campus was wonderful. I was

encouraged to explore my interests—and given the confidence to follow my own path,” said Baxter Strange, who majored in psychobiology. Her independent work was advised by Curtis

Smith, now Professor Emeritus of Biological Sciences. “We’re still in touch,” she said. “Mount

Holyoke is an environment where students can forge lasting bonds with faculty.” This year marks Baxter Strange’s thirtieth

reunion and she’s hoping to return for the celebration. It was, in fact, at her twentieth reunion that her daughter, Isabelle ’14 , set her sights on Mount Holyoke. “Isabelle was only ten at the time but there was a moment when she turned to me and said, ‘I want to come here.’ It’s very exciting to have a third generation of the family at the College.” Last year, Baxter Strange attended the European

Alumnae Symposium in Turino, Italy. “I was reminded of just how strong the ties are among Mount Holyoke graduates. It reinforced my desire to leave a gift to Mount Holyoke through my estate.”

For more on bequest intentions, please contact the Office of Gift Planning at 413-538-2637.

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4 | Fact: MHC alumnae have served as founders, principals, and teachers at 80 schools in 21 countries.

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