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COL Alan P. Armstrong, USA (Ret.) Memorial Plaque for

BG William Warner Harris, USA

Mrs. Connie W. Hawkins In memory of

Mr. Frederic O Hawkins

Robert Henke Memorial Plaque for Lloyd Kenneth Henke

Maj George E. Frakes, USAF (Ret.) In memory of

1stLt Robert L. Henny

Dr. Michael A. Clarke In memory of Don Henriksen

LCDR Walter O. Henry In memory of

Margaret Myers Henry

Kathleen E. Holland Memorial Plaque for

Mr. Raymond Eugene Holland

Ms. Vivian L. Horn In memory of Mr. Guy G. Horn

LtCol John Clatworthy, USMC (Ret.) Memorial Plaque for

Richard Rozman In memory of

Mr. William O Hunt

Mrs. Virginia Mc Bride In memory of

CWO Joseph E Intaschi, USMC (Ret.)

Nancy C. Sprotte Memorial Plaque for

LtCol Raymond D Jones, USMC (Ret.)

Gretchen, John, & John Z Clatworthy In lieu of flowers for Mrs. Bella Jung

CDR Robert T. Rose, USCG (Ret.) In memory of

Maj Charles Randolph Kerr, USMC

Mr. Glenn L. Keyes In memory of Richard Keyes

Mrs. Lois M. Kreuzberger In honor of

Mr. Robert L Kreuzberger

Kathleen E. Holland Memorial Plaque for Jerry Lee La Rose

Mrs. Ruth M Langstaff In memory of

LtCol Harold A Langstaff, USMC (Ret.)

Joyce Jones In memory of Mr. Marc G Larsen

Mrs. Jacqueline Larsen In honor of

MGySgt Arthur A Larsen, USMC (Ret.)

Richard Rosenkranz In memory of Mr. Marc G Larsen

Mrs. Maurine LaZansky In memory of

Mr. William E LaZansky

LtCol David D Lindsey, USAF (Ret.) In honor of

David D Lindsey

Mrs. Shirley M. Liu In memory of Mr. David Y. F Liu

Mrs. Marie D Intaschi In memory of Mr. Jack McBride

Mr. Enrique P. Mercado In honor of

Mr. Edward Mercado, USN

Mrs. Caryl M. Harvey In memory of

MajGen Kenneth Houghton, USMC (Ret.) GySgt Guy E Messina, USMC (Ret.)

Mr. D. Pat McGuire In memory of Jerry D. Moore

Col Byron T. Schenn, USMC (Ret.) In memory of

Mr. George E Mouzakis III

Ms. Evelyn V. Mullaly In memory of Harry Mull

MajGen Thomas L. Wilkerson, USMC (Ret.) In honor of

MajGen James M Myatt, USMC (Ret.)

LtCol John E. Lockie, USMC (Ret.) In memory of

CWO E. J. Myrman, USN (Ret.)

Mrs. Alice E. Nelson In memory of

Maj Robert I Nelson

Mr. Charles J. Elliott In memory of Michael Nicolet

1stLt Herbert L. Hamerslough In memory of John O’Rourke

West-Fair Electric Contractors, Inc In memory of John O’Rourke

Maj Brian M. Lambert, USAF (Ret.) In memory of

Michael O’Brien, Jr.

Kathleen E. Holland Memorial Plaque for

Veronica Jane O’Kane Holland

Jack & Helen Cunningham In memory of Col Samuel Owens

Bryan and Linda Yager In memory of Col Samuel Owens

Ernie and Libby Prickett In honor of Mr. Jon Paulson

SSgt Henry L. Tassinari In memory of Rita Pittman

Ernie and Libby Prickett In honor of

Capt John L. Prickett, USMCR

SSgt Henry L. Tassinari In memory of Toshiko Reagan

The following donations are In memory of

Mrs. La Verne M Regnolds Edna Buthe Donald J. Diltz

Mr. C. Nelson Fletcher Mr. & Mrs. Norman Golden June Hansen J. Ted Oakley Gladys A. Russell Janet Von Toussaint Marilyn Wasmuth

Mr. Henry O. Trowbridge In memory of

LtCol Ernest J Ribera, USMCR

LTC Norman C. Durieux, USA (Ret.) In memory of

ADM Lionel Rowe, USN

Beverly Hegg In memory of

Mrs. Lee Rita Rubalcava

Mr. Charles B. Schrader In memory of Paul W. Schrader

Mr. Mortimer D. Schwartz In honor of

LtCol Henry J Schwartz, USAF

Mr. Gilbert Quong In memory of

Mr. William A. Schwindt

The following donations are In memory of

Capt Robert E Shea, USMC (Ret.) Philomena Bancroft Cherrie W. Doggett Mrs. Dorothy M. Shea

LCDR Thomas F. Lantry, USN In memory of

COL Clayton Victor Shelton, USA, Counter Intelligence

The following donations are In memory of

LCpl Abe & Sgt Jonathan Simpson Mrs. Maria Simpson

EXL Structural Engineers, Inc.

Mr. Donald J. Scullion In memory of Barbara Smith

Capt Nicholas L. Feakins, USMC In memory of

Capt Michael R. Smolenski, USMC

Mr. Gerald E March In memory of LT Mihiel Sturbitz

Mr. Randell L. Oyler In memory of

Mr. Michael C. Thomas

Mr. Stanley A. Doten In memory of

James Thompson Towne, WWII Veteran

Mrs. Kay S. Trucano In memory of

Mr. John R Trucano

Mr. Carleton E. Rowe In memory of

Betty Ann Van Duyn

Mr. Edgar Flowers In honor of

Frank P. Verducci, Jr.

Larry Werts In memory of

Mr. George W Werts

Mr. Philip E. Beauchamp In memory of

Robert Alvin Williamson

Mr. Thomas F. Fricke In honor of Wounded Vets

Jack Zee

In memory of Lily Zee

Mr. Deforeest B. Wright, Jr. In memory of

Mr. Charles K. Wright, Jr.

The Marines’ Memorial Association Welcomes These Members to Benefactor Status Mr. Edward J. Siegner

1LT Robert B. Beim, USA (Ret.) CAPT Cynthia K. Burgunder, USNR (Ret.) Col Howell D. Cobb, USAF (Ret.) MSgt Barbara J. Curry, USAF (Ret.) Mr. Douglas A. DuVall Maj John A. Enis, USAF

Maj Susan M. Gibb, USAF (Ret.) LtCol David P. Kissinger, USAF (Ret.) Mr. Michael E. McCloud

CDR Kenneth Metviner, USN (Ret.) Mr. Ray G. Sabersky Mr. Robert E. Sanders

CAPT Michael A. Thompson, USN CMSgt Walter V. Tidwell, USAF (Ret.) CAPT Julie E. Webb, USN (Ret.) Capt John S. Young, USAF (Ret.)

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