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How much would you have loved it if your high school English credit involved reading and re- porting on your favorite articles in Rapid maga- zine? Well, the students in Boundless Adven- tures’ English program just downriver from the Rapid offices were so thrilled with their course of study that they sent us this thank-you card (above). The teachers didn’t mind either, “Thanks for all these awesome magazines! They brought a whole new meaning to English textbooks.”


Scott MacGregor’s editorial “To All the Boats I’ve Loved Before” in the last issue of Rapid ( had forlorn lovers nostalgic for trysts with their fleets of canoes and kayaks. Self-proclaimed Canoe Mormon, Martin Talbot from Outremont, QC, writes, “Mr. MacGregor, you do not mention the sins of cheating and polygamy—they can complicate significantly a paddler’s life…Life is tough and I still have not found a love that would fulfill all my needs and fantasies.” To this, MacGregor replies, “It’s not cheating if you love them all.” On, Dan wistfully recalls get-

ting physical on the river with one of his past flings. “Ah yes, the ACE!” he writes. “It was the first boat I ever got vertical with. Sometimes even on purpose!”


Do extreme paddling flicks make whitewater boating more appealing to the masses, or is the hardcore inclined to make less racy boat- ers blush? Rapid Media TV guy, Dan Caldwell, asked our Facebook friends whether they think today’s kayaking videos feature too much huge waterfall hucking. Marc Leplussebo re- sponded, “Seeing a skilled boater at ease hav- ing fun safely on the water is the most attrac- tive demonstration, especially for beginners. Big drops are either boring or scary.” Perhaps it isn’t that big drops make more conservative boaters uncomfortable—maybe waterfalls have just become too vanilla. Sean Meister’s taste calls for a different kind of ris- qué. “I love seeing kayakers in big water, run- ning hard lines,” he writes. “Yeah, the water- fall drop thing bores me.” Burgeoning boater Katherine Sinclair recommends filmmakers show it all. “Mix it up some,” she suggests. “The daredevil stuff is amazing, but too much of it gets intimidating.”


Looking for something to get you through the end of the winter? Check out these events to help you gear up for spring runoff. We’ll be rolling out the red carpet for the premiere of the 2012 Reel Paddling Film Festival World Tour, February 9 in Toronto. If you can’t make the event, check www.reelpaddlingfilmfes- for a tour date near you. Meet the Rapid crew at Canoecopia in Madison, WI, from March 9–11 ( Open boaters can pass on Cancun this spring break, and hit up Lenoir City, TN, for this year’s Ain’t Louie Fest, March 10–18 (www.walden- Finally, join over 1,000 spectators, 50 raft teams and over 125 kayakers as they kick off the race season on the Petawawa River’s Town Run at Hell or High Water in Petawawa, ON, in early May (


On page 37 of our Summer/Fall 2011 issue (, we incorrectly referred to Black Mass as a competition feature on the 2011 Whitewater Grand Prix circuit. Also, the paddler in the image is in fact Rush Sturges, not Ben Marr. Rapid apologizes

to Rush and photographer

Patrick Camblin for the error. Ben Marr, on the other hand, was flattered.

4 major Park &

whitewater thrills

in 7kms of


on the Black Mass, Mistassibi River, Quebec PATRICK CAMBLIN

This wave humbled the pros at the 2011 Whitewater Grand Prix. “It’s halfway down a high-volume rapid on the Mistassibi River,” says Camblin. “It’s hard to capture the scene surrounding the wave so I looked for a tree that might help give better perspective.” He climbed a 40-footer to get this vantage point of Ben Marr’s winning ride. “My perch was sketchy since the tree was narrow with shallow roots above the rocky shore. The amount the tree swayed was intimidating, but I’m happy to have come away with a shot that really shows off the rapid.” 37

For more information about paddling in the Ottawa Valley and to download a copy of Paddle Routes Guidebook visit us at: OTTAWAVALLEY.TRAVEL/PADDLE

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river systems and over 10

clean & warm whitewater


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