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Hello, from our new home within the folds of Rapid Media magazines. Our family recently imposed a week of no

screen time. This meant no leisure time on the computer, TV or iPod. Contrary to what my son Owen thought at first, this week proved to be wonderful. There was more family and recre- ation time; more playing games, going paddling, sailing and simply reading together. Here at the Paddle Canada (PC) office we get almost every paddling and outdoor magazine imaginable. Titles include Wooden Canoe, Explore, the four Rapid Media titles (Adventure Kayak, Canoeroots, Rapid and Kayak Angler), Canoe & Kayak, Sea Kayaker, Qajaq (Great Lakes Sea Kayak Association), Ebb and Flow (Kayak Newfoundland Labrador), and Quebec’s Geo-Plein Air. So Owen started to work his way through the magazine pile. Personally, I enjoy reading magazines too. Outdoor magazines take the reader on the most excellent of journeys. There is still something exciting and more tangible with the printed word. Curling up with an iPad, iPhone or a laptop is just not the same. I think the printed magazine will still have its place on our bedside

and coffee tables for some time to come. Knowing this made it especially hard for the PC Board of Directors to retire Kanawa after over 30 years of publication. However, partnering with Rapid Media will bring amaz- ing new opportunities for Paddle Canada. In addition, we are currently strategizing ways to publish trip and destination articles along with other interesting media on and on our Facebook page. We hope you enjoy the new format, your choice of Rapid Media magazines and we welcome your comments. Until next time, keep your stick in the water.

GRAHAM KETCHESON Executive Director


Kanawa has a new look and a new great way to communicate with our members. It is with excitement that Paddle Canada grows in new direc- tions and looks towards the future. Our membership had a solid season of instructing canoe, kayak and standup paddling courses across Canada. After demonstrating so many wet exits and eddy turns in 2011, I think everyone is hoping for a restful winter break. My message for the Canadian deep

freeze is to stay active and remember to explore the outdoors during the winter months. Staying fit and keeping primed for paddling will set you up for early season wetness in 2012. With some folks succumbing to Seasonal Affective Disorder, it is important to remember that it can be resisted by catching some of that good ol’ vitamin D straight from the sun. The blooming warmth of the spring sun usually gets the rivers flowing, too. Paddle Canada has lots of committee work underway, and helping out is always encouraged. Our Profes- sional Development Committees (PDCs) are always looking for new energy to help tune up and grow our paddling programs. I would like to end with a quote, “what comes around, goes around.” In 2009, Rapid Media publisher Scott MacGregor came to the PC AGM in Madawaska, Ontario, to discuss publish- ing Kanawa in Rapid Media magazines. To be honest, we were suspicious. I now thank him for his commitment to us. To the Paddle Canada community, I thank you for your support and confidence as we grow in new and exciting directions.

Yours in blade wetting, BLAIR DOYLE President & Regional Director (Nova Scotia)

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