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Vita will boost the market

The first major hardware launch of 2012 will do more than just boost retail sales. MCV asks Sony, publishers, developers and retailers how PlayStation Vita will pioneer a new generation of gaming


STANDARD controls, including dual analogue sticks? Check. Wi-Fi and 3G connections? Check. High def OLED screen? Check. Touch screen? Front and back, so make that a double check. It’s impossible not to be

spellbound by everything that Vita can do – and publishers are already captivated by its magic. “The technology is impressive, and consumers are prepared to pay for compelling kit – Apple has proved that,” says Codemasters’ CEO Rod Cousens. Ubisoft’s UK MD Rob Cooper adds: “There’s no doubt that the technology is incredibly impressive and will appeal to more gamers

There’s no doubt Vita’s technology will appeal to more consumers than ever before.

ACTIVISION, EA, Ubisoft, 2K Games, Warner Bros, Square Enix, Sega, Codemasters, Capcom, Namco Bandai, Konami, Tecmo Koei – they are all preparing new games for Sony’s new handheld.

And more are signing up all the time – even the BBC is producing a downloadable Doctor Whofor Vita. Naturally, traditional publishers dominate the launch line-up. “Ubisoft is committed to supporting new platforms and PS Vita is no exception,” says Ubisoft boss Rob Cooper. “For launch day, we are releasing five games on the system. And there will be more games from Ubisoft in the future, including new iterations from our

8 February 3rd 2012

most popular franchises, including Assassin’s Creed.” Sega West CEO Mike Hayes is particularly pleased Vita is focused primarily on games: “Positioning Vita as a premium games machine is a smart move in this fast-moving and fragmented market. The PSP was billed as a multimedia machine, and while Vita is capable of that, I think the focus on premium experiences is the way to go.”

Rob Cooper, Ubisoft

console quality experiences to consumers who want the same quality on a portable device.”


Clockwise from top left: Sony’s Fergal Gara and Jim Ryan, EA’s Keith Ramsdale, Warner’s Spencer Crossley, Codemasters’ Rod Cousens, Ubisoft’s Rob Cooper and Sega’s Mike Hayes all believe Vita will be a game-changer


THANKS to strong publisher backing, Vita has a software line- up that any new platform would be envious of. Massive brands – both first- party and third-party – will be on shelves from day one, including Uncharted and FIFA. Publishers are confident Vita will take their brands to new heights. “EA is looking forward to bringing FIFAto Vita,” says EA’s Keith Ramsdale. “It makes use of both touch screens to create a unique FIFAexperience.” And there’s plenty more to come. Warner Bros’ Spencer Crossley adds: “We’ve announced Mortal Kombat and LEGO Harry

Potter for Vita which are designed specifically for on- the-go gaming.”

than ever before. The processing power alone allows us, as game creators, to bring amazing home

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