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Handheld heroes

Sony is rallying its best people to launch PlayStation Vita. James Batchelor gets to know the experts bringing the ambitious new gaming portable to market this month

What are the team’s main responsibilities?

Our collective responsibility is to make PS Vita a runaway success and the ultimate uncompromised portable gaming experience.

What has the team's biggest achievement been so far? Launching the original PlayStation, PS2, PS3 and PSP. Not to mention games like the Unchartedtrilogy and five Gran Turismotitles.

How did you select this team? What skills did you need? Like a finely tuned piece of high performance machinery, every component part of this team is engineered and honed to perfection in terms of complimentary skills and attributes.

Retailers are critical to the launch of PS Vita. We hope, like us, they also see it as a tremendous

opportunity to change fortunes on the High Street.

22 February 3rd 2012

How are you working with retail and publishing partners to prepare for Vita’s launch? Retailers are critical to the launch of PS Vita. We hope, like us, they also see it as a tremendous opportunity in a very tough economic climate to change fortunes on the High Street. Sampling as well for us is critical – giving consumers the chance to actually get hands on with Vita is undoubtedly the strongest selling tool – and retail have a critical role to play in this. On the publishing side, our third party publishers are also a massive part of our unprecedented launch line-up and are very much part of the PR, sales and marketing for the launch of Vita.

What are your main goals during the launch period?


1. Fergal Gara, VP & MD, SCE UK

2. Alan Duncan, Marketing Director

3. David Wilson, Head of UK PR

4. Rosemary Buahin, Head of Trade Marketing

5. Paul Parsons, Trade Marketing Executive

6. Mark Howsen, UK Sales Director 7. Robin Phillips,

UK National Sales Manager

8. Liz FitzGerald, Director of UK Finance

9. Geoff Gelbier, Operations Manager

10. Andy Barker, Director of Consumer Services

11. Mark Bowles, Marketing Manager

12. Jonathan Fargher, Senior PR Manager

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