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Double Your Workspace with Dual Monitors

Screen/Viewable 15.4"/15.4" Video Input

Digital Notebook sold separately. Why Dual Monitors?

It’s simple—by enabling your traveling employees to gain effi ciency through the use of dual monitors, Field Monitor Pro provides your company with a great return on investment.

Max. Resolution 1280 × 800 Shown in keypad mode. Increase Productivity on the Road

15.4" Field Monitor Pro: This is not a notebook. But it is a notebook’s perfect companion. Field Monitor Pro is the largest, most versatile, and most durable USB portable LCD (LED backlight) monitor for professionals on the move.

 15.4" diagonal LED-backlit (1280 × 800) display  DisplayLink USB graphics  Keypad (landscape) and Stand (landscape and portrait) modes  Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, and Mac OS X compatible

19" VMware Certifi ed

Screen/Viewable Video Input

19"/19" Analog/Digital Max. Resolution 1280 × 1024

19" NC190-1 PCoIP Integrated Display shown

Centralized Control, Unbeatable Security

Samsung PC-over-IP Displays are cost-effective, reliable alternatives to your outdated, expensive workstations, PCs, and thin clients. Enjoy lower acquisition, utility, and maintenance costs with software and data that’s stored on the centralized host platform, eliminating the need for IT staff to travel. These all-in-one integrated PCoIP zero clients make centralized computing truly viable, both locally with LAN and remotely via WAN. And since these monitors have no CPU or operating system, they are impervious to viruses, spyware, and hacking—making them perfect for security-critical organizations seeking ultra-secure access to remote host servers.

19" NC190-1 PCoIP Integrated Display 23.6" NC240 PCoIP Integrated Display


Proof That Not All Data Catridges Are Created Equal

Sony LTO Ultrium Data Cartridges: In a recent third- party laboratory test of 4 leading tape brands, one vendor stood out from the pack. Compared to the competition, Sony cartridges came out number one in total errors by a wide margin, with 80% fewer errors than the next-best brand. Protect your organization against unrecoverable data loss with tape media that’s proven to stand up to the stresses of everyday use.

 All 4 of the top 4 cartridges in the test were from Sony  On a scale of error per Terabyte of data written or read, Sony also came out number one

 In terms of capacity lost to write errors, Sony fi nished fi rst

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