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Issue 121 December 2011/January 2012 CONTENTS

Laboratory and Statistical Science News and products

Review Felix Grant reviews OriginLab 8.6 Environmental issues

Siân Harris explores the use of informatics when applied to monitoring environmental conditions

Cover feature: Carbon output Felix Grant looks at how statistical software is used to measure and record carbon emissions

High-Performance Computing News and products

In the cloud

Has HPC embraced the opportunity that cloud computing presents? Gillian Law investigates

Up to the task

To make an HPC set-up effi cient, many turn to workload management software, as Paul Schreier discovers

Modelling and Engineering News and Products

Bio boom

Matthew Peach on the use of biomedical modelling software in diagnosis, treatment and product design

Circuit training

Paul Schreier on the use of 3D physics-based models in circuit design Resources

Suppliers’ Directory Inside View

Kimmo Koski on an EU project that aims to tackle the data deluge


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12 8 Environmental care

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Environmental concerns continue to push themselves into the news agenda, and scientifi c research is at the heart of understanding causes and fi nding solutions to environment-related issues. In this issue, we have two features linked to this theme. First, Siân Harris looks at how

informatics software is used to monitor – among other things – the quality of our water supply, by constantly taking sample measurements and checking them against tightly controlled parameters (see page 8). Later, Felix Grant explores another aspect of the same topic by looking at carbon emissions, and how statistical software is applied in investigating their impact on the environment (see page 12). In our HPC section, Gillian Law

explores the topic of cloud computing (page 20), which has long been touted as an affordable option for those seeking the power of HPC, while Paul Schreier explores the use of workload management software in getting the best out of any HPC set-up. Finally, within modelling and

engineering, we look at how software is helping medical research (page 20) and electronic circuit design (page 34), showcasing the diverse industries where computing and scientifi c research meet.

Warren Clark Acting editor

Cover montage Dan Taylor

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