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Maplesoft has released Maple Player for iPad, an application for the iPad that lets users view and interact with documents created in desktop Maple. This release is the fi rst step in a plan to increase support for Maplesoft technology on this platform. The Maple Player for iPad takes advantage of the powerful Maple computation engine, so users can enter values, move sliders, and click buttons to perform calculations and visualise the results. It comes with a collection of interactive calculators and conceptual explorations. They can be used to solve arbitrary integrals step-by-step, fi nd derivatives, solve linear systems, plot functions,

SVI Pro/SEA 3D Pro 2011.1

ffA has released SVI Pro and SEA 3D Pro 2011.1, its software packages for geoscientists. The release includes ffA’s new interactive Link for Petrel, which transfers information seamlessly between SVI Pro and Petrel. This will give the best possible interpretation productivity by integrating ffA 3D seismic analysis directly into the Petrel workfl ow. It is now simple to transfer high-resolution RGB blends from SVI Pro and view them with the same resolution in Petrel. The Link for Petrel also makes it

possible to interpret on RGB blends in the same way as users interpret on a standard seismic volume. The Link for Petrel will create SVI Pro projects directly from Petrel as well as import volume and horizon data from Petrel to drive advanced 3D seismic analysis workfl ows. The second advance is ffA’s new SaltApp workfl ow. This workfl ow guides users through the process of delineating salt and analysing the relationship between salt bodies and the surrounding stratigraphy.

Robust Control Toolbox/Simulink Control Design Control Toolbox and Simulink Control Design let engineers automatically tune all controller elements without changing the controller structure. This eliminates the need for tedious and time-consuming methods of tuning multiloop, decentralised control systems such as successive loop closure.

MathWorks has released new versions of Robust Control Toolbox and Simulink Control Design, which enable engineers to tune complex control systems modelled in Simulink automatically. Most embedded control systems have a

fi xed, decentralised architecture with simple tunable elements such as gains, PID controllers, and low-order fi lters. Enhancements to Robust

Sound and Vibration Measurement Suite 2011

National Instruments has released a new version of its NI Sound and Vibration Measurement Suite, which provides a comprehensive collection of analysis and signal processing tools for noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) testing, machine condition monitoring (MCM) and audio test applications. Engineers can use the suite as stand- alone software or combine it with NI hardware and NI LabVIEW system design software to greatly simplify test system development and control. With its new vibration data-logging functionality and other enhancements, the suite helps engineers to more easily customise and automate any MCM or

NVH test or monitoring application. The Sound and Vibration Measurement Suite 2011 greatly simplifi es the development of MCM, NVH and audio measurement systems with several new features, including a ready-to- run data-logging virtual instrument that makes it possible for engineers to save data continuously or based on specifi c criteria such as triggers or time. Engineers can easily confi gure the data logger and run it as long as necessary for a variety of sensor types including accelerometer, tachometer and proximity probes.


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DECEMBER 2011/ JANUARY 2012 29


explore the concept of a limit, and more. The Maple Player can also display interactive graphical illustrations for approximating the volume of a cylinder, series expansion, and other mathematical concepts.

Lorentz has been rewritten from the ground up. The bottom line is improved productivity.

For users familiar with Lorentz, the fl ow of the program is now quite intuitive with many new options readily available.

For new users, the speed, accuracy and ease-of-use have to be seen.


Send us your model, whatever the level of complexity. We will show you how to get results from your exact design – no canned demos.

Contact us for an evaluation and start improving productivity today. A live demo is also available.








BEM & FEM available in the same package

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