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Sheryl Nields is a Los Angelenos vortex of energy whose celebrity portrait photography has led her into the world of filmmaking. Sean Samuels managed to catch her in one place for just long enough to get her take on how the photography world is evolving and what clients today expect.

Sheryl Nields is always on the move. My interview with her is arranged and then rearranged a number of times to accommodate her busy schedule, and when I finally manage to pin her down I find her excitable mood to be utterly infectious. Over the course of our conversation we talk Hollywood, discuss the gravity-defying phenomenon of short dresses in LasVegas, house prices in London and the sad exile of her friendly neighborhood prostitute from Venice, LosAngeles, where she has lived for the past 16 years with her son Doss. When I do manage to steer her towards talking

about her work, and in particular photographers shooting moving images, she tells me in no uncertain terms that it is the future of her industry. “Every job I’ve done there’s motion, motion, motion. It is generating the economic infrastructure for funding of projects. It’s all web and it’s all motion,” she states. Nields is so dynamic on the phone that I know

the answer to my next question before asking it. “Oh I find it to be an extremely exciting time because it suits me and the way I work. If you haven’t guessed already I am always in motion. You could take any one of my set-ups and drop all the images into an animation program and then just watch them go.” Over the years Nields has shot countless


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