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DINING WHITS & PICS Photography by Jarett Boskovich Writing by Sean Eshelman Presenting Whits & Pics, an evolving narrative told through the lens of Jarett Boskovich and by the pen of Sean Eshelman. We

would like to cordially invite you, the reader, to join us in our travels through each of Uptown’s neighborhoods as we capture in still frame and written word the color, character and hidden treasures to be found in each and every neighborhood. If you’re lucky, you might just find us perched on booths and bar stools at your favorite haunt. Just be sure to smile when you see us. And don’t forget to buy Jeahf (our giraffe) a drink -- it’s just the polite thing to do.

STARGAZING–BY SEAN ESHELMAN We abandoned all the week’s formal- ity with a gathering of old friends and new faces for a birthday celebration. Following our rendezvous and the usual birthday toast, we walked one foot [almost] in front of the other with occa- sional stumbles indicating that we might have jumped the gun a bit. We were on a mission. With no time to waste we made our way south on India Street, the glow of Startlite grew brighter and lit our way as we approached. We entered a room filled with excite-

ment. Our voices quickly drowned by the orchestrated chatter and chuckles of hun- dreds of like-minded souls and a weeks worth of trials were quickly fading into one steady grin. A dark corner booth would provide the perfect view of the night to come. It was time for a drink. Once seating was claimed, we cautiously waded through the crowd towards the sunken bar, all the while noticing the steady appearance of a murky Moscow mules served in sturdy brass cups. We dove in. Brass scraped against wood as the

bartender handed out our drinks. The smell of fresh ginger played games with our emotions before we even sipped. It was mid-August, but already we could feel the onset of fall with every sip of this crisp, timeless cocktail. John Martin

Bar Eleven 3519 El Cajon Blvd, 25oz Eleven Lager Big Mug -- $4

San Diego Uptown News | Sept. 30–Oct.13, 2011 NIGHT LIFE

11 VOL. 3 ISSUE 20

would be proud of these west-coasters who brought out the best in his creation. It was just moments later that our

inhibitions were stunted—it could have been the vodka, it might have been the alluring eyes of one particular woman—I wasn’t sure. We were lost to our former companions who had left sometime be- fore, unannounced to us. A small congre- gation of crooked smiles and thoughtful conversation in our dark corner was all that we needed.

Tickety-tock, the night wore on, and

soon the scattered fixtures over the bar took on the look of the infamous starry night; a palette of blurry colors crisscrossing our vision. Another round? Why not? By God, we’ll finish this night as we intended, and bring every shin- ing soul along with us to join in eternal laughter. We rounded up our small night-time circle and moved on, laughter growing louder and legs wobbling as we left this lounge of the stars.u

Bluefoot 3404 30th St, Tuesday Pint Night, $4-You-Keep-the-Glass

THE MOSCOW MULE Looking for a bite that will

only last a night? The Moscow Mule is a buck cocktail that utilizes ginger beer, vodka, lime juice and (as is done in many San Diego establish- ments) a garnish of fresh ginger. A simple yet refreshing cocktail, it is generally served in brass or copper cups, forc- ing you to either increase your intake or leave your hand positively frozen.

INGREDIENTS Two parts vodka One part lime juice Three parts ginger beer Fresh ginger slices

PREPARATION Combine vodka, lime juice and

ginger beer in high baller cup, shake and serve on the rocks. Garnish with slice of fresh ginger. Enjoy.

The Fleetwood 639 J Street, NFL Sundays -- $3 Mimosas, $3 Coors Light Draft, $3 Svedka Bloody Marys

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An East Coast Feel at West Coast Tavern Come On

Get Happy! Dr. Ink

If you can spare a $2 bill, which most of us readily can’t because of their obscurity, West Coast Tavern will gladly accept it and then charge you and your unlimited party only $2 per drink on the first round. If the happy hour deal seems difficult to achieve, co-owner David Cohen makes it a little easier. He’s put about 4,000 of the bills into circulation

2895 University Ave., San Diego CA 92104 (North Park) 619-295-1688

West Coast Tavern Happy Hour: 4 to 6 p.m., daily

by handing them out as change to his customers, or at times, simply handing them out. The deal, he says, will remain in effect indefinitely. But if the odd currency has yet to

land in your wallet, West Coast’s daily happy hour also brings to the table well drinks, house wines and a decent selec- tion of craft and domestic beers for $3

apiece. In addition, you can graze from a specific menu of good, medium-size eats priced at $5 a plate. The tavern, which doubles also as

a popular restaurant, allows happy- hour folk to move about freely. In other words, you can seize a high top or big

see Tavern, page 15

Toronado 4026 30th Street, Tuesday Night Steak Nights

U-31 3112 University Ave,NFL Ticket & FREE breakfast buffet from 10-11am every Sunday

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