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DUBSTEP LOS ANGELES P5 Audio WAV / Apple £13.99


WHILE dubstep’s inception is in no doubt attributed to the creative talents of forward- thinking UK producers, a recent trend stateside, particularly in LA, has seen new influences and directions affect the genre. Producers such as Skrillex, 12th Planet and even Rusko have hit the scene by storm with their inimitable interpretations of the bass-heavy music phenomenon and now P5 Audio bring you a vault of this material to bring to your own studio. Slightly more experimental, crisp and sunnyside up than its UK counterpart, the sounds are no less bone-shaking or atmospheric – they just happen to carry that certain West Coast flavour. At the accepted BPM of 140 you’ll find four main loop folders housing the bulk of the material, across bass, melodic, drum and no-drum loops. In addition there is a multitude of drum one shots (brilliant for building your own kits) and the corresponding patches for your favoured soft sampler.

For the plethora of dubstep kits and packs around, P5 have done well to focus on one of the newer directions the genre has taken and set their new release apart from the more generic libraries on the market.



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