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Of all my childhood dreams, the one riding into the sunset on a motorcycle, exposed to the elements yet free from cares, still retains the greatest thrill.

For many, such dreams have become reality, through the simple expedient of grasping the possibilities: looking at a map, making a plan and going for it.

T e motorcycle is a wonderfully versatile vehicle, and a bike that transports you and your sandwiches to work all week can be transformed from commuter into globetrotter. In this issue Lois rides a 250cc Yamaha dirtbike through Africa, while Ian cruises the Antipodes on a 1600cc Harley. It’s not size that matters, it’s state of mind.

Go anywhere in the world and, as Sam Manicom found in Vietnam, the motorcycle acts as taxi, goods or emergency response vehicle, capable of movement when other machines are defeated by weather or terrain. But as practical as it is, this iron horse maintains an intangible romance.

T e planet is a stunningly beautiful place, inhabited throughout by beguiling humanity and intriguing fl ora and fauna, and there is no better way to explore it than from the saddle of a bike, where you shall no doubt, experience the infi nite kindness of strangers.

From a weekend spent riding in a neighbouring county to a year in a neighbouring continent, OVERLAND will demonstrate that any bike and any budget can provide an enriching experience. I hope this fi rst edition will entertain and inform you, or perhaps enthuse and stimulate you to get out there and immerse yourself in this wonderful world. As Matt Bailey says in his photographic article “I don’t know if images of vast deserts or dusty motorcycles adorned with faded stickers will inspire anyone to travel, but I certainly hope so.” So do I.

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