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Feature 3 | DESTROYERS, FRIGATES & CORVETTES Armament includes two remote-

controlled weapon systems fitted with 12.7mm machine guns atop the pilothouse as well as a fully enclosed OTO 76.2mm Super Rapid in a stealth mount. Four Exocet MM40 Block 3 missiles are fitted in twin launchers that are recessed in the amidships superstructure with drop down panels. There are two groups of three vertical launch units for what is believed to be the Mica VL surface to air missile. Te sensors and the combat management system are largely the same as the Abu Dhabi corvette except there are no ASW weapons or a sonar. Te radars include a Selex KRONOS 3-D NV G-band multifunction radar (based on the Empar), SIR-M IFF radar as well as an X-band LPI navigation radar. Fire-control sensors include a Selex Sistemi Integrati NA-30S radar/electro-optical FCS and a Medusa Mk 4B Electro Optical director. Te

The 550tonne Falaj 2 patrol vessels are a stealthy version of the Saettia patrol boat.

electronic warfare suite comprises a Seal-H and two Rheinmetall MASS multispectral

decoy launchers. Te combat management system is the Selex IPN-S/R system. WT

First FREMM frigate undertakes harbour acceptance tests

In accordance with the programme schedule, DCNS recently completed equipment integration and harbour acceptance tests on board the first-of- class FREMM multi-mission frigate Aquitaine.


t the time of writing, 95% of the electrical and hydraulic equipment on the ship had been installed, and

the company was preparing for harbour acceptance tests of the principal systems: the information and communication system, the navigation systems (navigation radar, early warning radar), the electric power and distribution system (including four diesel generators), the combat system and the propulsion system. Te first tests of the electric propulsion

motors and the gas turbines have been completed, with the entire transmission system running for the first time. “From now on all our efforts are focused on the preparation of the first sea-going scheduled for the spring”, said Vincent Martinot-Lagarde, FREMM Programme Director at DCNS. Te FREMM programme includes 12


The FREMM frigate Aquitaine is due to complete harbour acceptance trials and begin sea trials shortly (Credit: DCNS).

units, 11 for the French Navy and one for the Royal Moroccan Navy. Te new frigates are fitted with a Tales Héraclès multifunction radar, SCALP cruise missiles, Aster surface-to-air missiles and Exocet MM40 anti-ship missiles together

with Eurotorp MU90 torpedoes. The new frigates are 142m overall

with a beam of 20m and displacement of 6000tonnes. Tey have a maximum speed of 27 knots, crew of 108, and endurance: 6000nm at 15knots. WT

Warship Technology May 2011

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