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Fincantieri launches ASW corvette, builds patrol vessels for UAE Navy

Fincantieri launched the first of a new class of anti-submarine warfare (ASW) corvette for the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Navy on 15 February 2011.


elivery of the vessel to the UAE Navy is expected to take place towards the end of the year. Te

corvette was ordered in July 2009 under a contract that includes an option for a second vessel which has not yet been finalized. Fincantieri is responsible for all aspects of the project except for the combat system, which is supplied by the UAE Navy as Government Furnished Equipment (GFE). Construction of Abu Dhabi commenced

in October 2009. Te keel is believed to have been laid down in December 2009. Te ship was constructed at Fincantieri’s Riva Trigoso yard and then transferred to Muggiano for launching, final outfitting and combat system integration. Based on the Comandante Fulgosi

class, the 1650tonne ship has a length of 88.4m, beam of 12.2m and a depth of 8.20m. Te draſt is approximately 4.6m. Accommodation is provided for 70. The ship is armed with a single Oto

Melara 76mm/62 Super Rapid gun in a stealth mount, two Oto Melara modular advanced remotely controlled lightweight weapon station (MARLIN) mounts with ATK Mk 44 30mm guns, four Exocet MM 40 Block 3 missiles and two sets of torpedo tube launchers for A244S torpedoes. Fire-control sensors include a Selex Sistemi Integrati NA-30S radar/electro- optical fire-control system (FCS) and a Medusa Mk 4B Electro Optical director. Radars include a Selex KRONOS 3D NV G-band multifunction radar (based on the Empar), SIR-M IFF radar as well as X-band low probability of intercept (LPI) navigation radars. A Thales/WASS Captas Nano hull-mounted sonar

and underwater

telephone is also fitted. Self-protection measures include an Elettronica Seal-H electronic warfare system, two Rheinmetall MASS multispectral decoy launchers and two WASS torpedo decoy launchers. A Selex IPN-S/R combat management system and


The first of the UAE’s new corvettes was launched in February.

Aeromaritime integrated communication suite with a data link and SATCOM make up the command and control suite. Te ship is powered by two MTU 20V 1163 TB93 diesels driving two four-bladed controllable-pitch propellers (CPPs) through Flanders supplied gearboxes. Seastema provides the integrated platform management system. This includes the power management system, propulsion remote control, damage information System, data distribution unit and the integrated bridge system network. Te hull, with a bulbous bow, is fitted with

two stabilizers. Te corvette has a maximum speed of in excess of 25knots. Te flight deck is large enough to operate a medium-sized helicopter housed in a telescopic hangar. Fincantieri is also building two smaller

patrol vessels for the UAE Navy under the Falaj 2 project. Te Falaj 2 contract, signed in January 2010, includes an option for a further two ships to be built in the UAE at the newly formed Etihad Ship Building, a joint venture between Fincantieri, Melara Middle East and Al Fattan Ship Industries. Work commenced work on the first

vessel, Hull 6221, at the Muggiano shipyard (La Spezia) on 4 November 2010 with a steel cutting ceremony. Te keel was laid on 15 February 2011 and the planned launch is in early 2012 with delivery around September 2012. Construction of the second vessel, Hull

6222, is taking place sequentially. The steel cutting ceremony for this ship was performed on 15 February 2011. It is due to be launched in mid-2012 and delivered by the end of 2012. Te 550tonne Falaj 2 patrol vessels are a

stealthy version of the Saettia patrol vessel. Tey have a length of 55m, beam of 8.6m and crew of 28. Te main feature of the vessels is the stealthy superstructure with an enclosed mast constructed from composite materials. The new vessels are powered by two MTU diesels driving CPPs through Renk gearboxes for a maximum speed of more than 20knots. Te hull has twin rudders as well as two fin stabilizers. Four Isotta Fraschini diesel generators provide onboard electrical power. Te integrated platform management system is provided by Seastema Marine Automation Systems.

Warship Technology May 2011

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