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Looking Out for You

you’re part of something different. At Tri-County Electric Cooperative we’re not looking out for a stockholder’s best interests—we’re looking out for you. We’re proud to report our long-standing commitment to you and the rest of our community truly shined this year. We worked with you to keep electric bills affordable, found ways to control costs through innovation, and every step along the way we put you, our members, first.


It’s hard to predict the future, but one thing seems certain: government regulations are going to increase the cost of doing business. For every dollar you pay for electricity, 57 cents goes directly to our wholesale power suppliers Golden Spread and Xcel Energy to cover the cost of generating power. Federal regulations will impact that cost, but they won’t be the only culprit pressuring prices. Another 6 cents of each dollar pays for system operations and maintenance— transformers, utility poles, wire, and other items connecting you to reliable power—and prices for fuel and equipment continues to rise. Finally, to accommodate our region’s growth, new power plants will require a long-term investment of time and money. Your board of trustees are finding ways to deal with these price pressures as we work together to keep your electric bills affordable. We’ll keep you informed every step of the way.

We’re controlling costs through innovation. Deploying state- of-the-art solutions like our advanced metering infrastructure system, which allows us to pinpoint outages and reroute power when needed, helps us control operating costs and improve service reliability. More than 17,000 smart meters have been installed across our system, and by the end of 2011 all of our meters should be up to speed. This investment will cut our operational costs not only during outages but throughout our day-to-day operations.

New technology helps us keep your electric bills affordable while our energy efficiency programs help you manage your energy use. We offer extensive literature on ways to save on your electric bill as well as free energy use surveys upon request. However, only you can prevent high electricity bills by controlling how much electricity you consume.

t a time when corporate profits sometimes overwhelm common sense, it’s nice to know

Each year we continue to put you, our members, first. It makes sense—after all, we’re locally owned and controlled by you.

Costs are rising for all of us, but when it comes to your electric bill our rates are set simply to cover the cost of doing business, not to generate profits for distant stockholders. In fact, we give money back to you when our revenues exceed costs.

Since you control your cooperative, we’re accountable to you and dedicated to assisting our community, especially during tough economic times. No matter how dark the nation’s economy may seem, opportunities should still be available to our young people. That’s why we continue to support the Rural Electric Youth Tour Program. Last summer we sent three high school students to our nation’s capital to learn about leadership, teamwork, electric co-ops, and the ideals our nation was founded on. We also provided four $1,200 dollar scholarships to send local students to college last year, supporting our community’s our future leaders.

Our cooperative also supported several vital causes and organizations last year through our extensive charitable giving program. We sponsored the Doc Gardner Memorial Rodeo, the Pioneer Days Rodeo, Panhandle Ag Appreciation Days, the local and state Special Olympics, Elkhart’s Grassland Heritage Festival, Hooker Car Show and a team at Beaver’s Cow Chip Contest. We also provided support to several significant community causes including the Texas County Family YMCA, Panhandle Youth Shelter, Food 4 Kids, American Red Cross, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts of America, and more.

We’re different. We’re working together to keep your electric bills affordable. We’re controlling costs through innovation. We’re continuing to put you, our members, first. No matter what the future brings, one thing is certain.

We’re looking out for you. Sincerely,

Jack L. Perkins Chief Executive Officer

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