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ways, mediation works. For more information or for an- swers to your initial questions go to http://www.afairway. com/free-evaluation.

Success Wellness Center 321 W. Washington Street 546-5690

A Fair Way Mediation Center 600 W Broadway, Suite 700 619-702-9174 Over the past 20 years, many couples have used di- vorce mediation for the disso- lution of traditional marriages because it minimizes animosity and provides more control over the divorce process. However, these days people from all life- styles seek mediation to save them financial and emotional stress. A Fair Way Mediation Cen-

ter is way ahead of the curve. With more than two decades of experience in working with couples and families from many different backgrounds he understands that each rela- tionship comes with its own complexity of issues. How- ever, the basics of achieving a fair solution to the challenges of breaking up a marriage or partnership are the same for everyone.

Whether you are legally married, formal domestic partners or in a committed re- lationship—and have made the decision to go your separate Extraordinary Wellness and Passionate Vitality is what Success Wellness is all about. Developed to create a method for the “young at heart” and not so young in years to acquire wellness through our non-invasive methods includ- ing Whole Body Vibration ther- apy and Bio-Density Strength programs.

Whole Body Vibration benefits have been reported to: maintain and increase bone mineral density (reversing Osteoporosis), increase circula- tion, stimulate rapid inch loss, provide lymphatic drainage, strengthen muscles, reduce aches and pains, relieve stress, increase energy, improve sleep patterns and balance moods. At least 23 professional sports teams train their ath- letes with the whole body vibration, including the San Diego Chargers.

The statement of 10 minutes

is equal to one hour of exercise may be hard to believe but is true. The vibrating platform can create from 9,000-18,000 muscle contractions in just 10 minutes. Success Wellness is celebrating their Pre-Grand Opening at their fifth location - in Hill-

crest, February 2011. Everyone reading this article (first time members only) is invited to receive three complimentary sessions of Whole Body Vibra- tion (a $75 value) from Success Wellness. Further information can be found at success-well-

Abbas, Jenson & Cundari, CPAs 1940 Fifth Avenue, Ste 300 San Diego, CA 92101 (619) 298-9699

Abbas, Jenson & Cundari, cer- tified public accountants (CPAs), offers a variety of income tax and accounting services tailored to meet the needs of both small businesses and individuals. The services offered include individ- ual, corporation, partnership and limited liability company income tax return preparation, as well as bookkeeping and consulting services for small businesses. CPAs Rulon Jenson and Tom Abbas formed Expresstax in September 1987, specializing in personal income tax preparation with a quick turnaround. A third partner, Chris Cundari, CPA, joined the accounting firm in January 1993. As the practice expanded, the partners moved their office to the Uptown district where it continued to grow for the next 10 years. After 16 successful years of operating in Hillcrest, the business expanded once again and moved into its current lo- cation in Bankers Hill between downtown and Hillcrest. Over the years, the amount of services provided expand- ed from just personal income tax preparation. In the fall of 2006, the business name was

San Diego Uptown News | March 4-17, 2011

changed to Abbas, Jenson & Cundari, CPAs to reflect the fact this was now a full ser- vice accounting firm. In order to meet the increasing client needs, Jeremy Dutson, CPA, who interned at the firm in 2007, began working full-time in January 2008.

Abbas, a native San Di-

egan, and an San Diego State University (SDSU) graduate,


resides in Mission Hills. Jen- son, who has lived in San Di- ego for more than 30 years, is also a graduate of SDSU and resides in Talmadge. Cundari, a native San Diegan, is a grad- uate of California State Uni- versity, Fullerton and resides in Mt Helix. Dutson, a native of Utah, is a graduate of the University of Phoenix and is a Mission Valley resident.

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