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Foodie Frank Sabatini Jr. dishes out his picks for dining with the one you love

➤➤ DINING P. 13 By Lauren Ventura SDUN Editor

Take a food field trip to the Cohen Group's latest creation by the beach

➤➤ THEATRE P. 14

'Death of Salesman' falters while leading

man Jeffrey DeMunn shines bright

➤➤ FILM P. 15

—The Census Bureau reported a total of 50.7 million uninsured in 2009, which included 676,000 persons who are elderly (65+ years old).

—More than half (57 percent) of people in the U.S. under age 65 receive health insur- ance coverage as an employer benefit.

Third annual sustainability workshop held at MOPA

By Margie Palmer SDUN Reporter

The Balboa Park Cultural

Indie film, 'Every Day,' boasts stellar cast but overwhelms with overly depressing overtures


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Blair Thornley—a 16-year resident of North Park—created the drawings for the city free of charge as a gift to the community she knows and loves. (Courtesy of Laughing Stock)

Redevelopment project beautifies an unlikely landscape

North Park community artist unveils Art on the Garage

By Martin Jones Westlin SDUN Arts Reporter

Local artist Blair Thornley said she prob-

ably would have been painting wall murals in the North Park of a century ago—which would have left lots of time for sing-alongs and stuff, since 1911 North Park encom- passed a whopping three city blocks. Time and growth have swallowed those boundar- ies into the neighborhood’s three-and-a-half square miles, which accommodate almost 40,000 people and one colossal commit-

ment to the performing and visual arts. The Ray@Night art exhibit program pulls in upwards of 1,500 people every weekend; the restored Stephen & Mary Birch North Park Theatre is a city anchor for lyric opera and other events. Enter Thornley’s latest project, an un- likely combination of form and function that city officials hail as a marker for the neigh- borhood’s artistic temperament. The Art on the Garage project includes 16 oversized line

see Art, page 10

Partnership, in collaboration with San Diego Gas and Elec- tric held its third annual sus- tainability workshop on Jan. 27.

Held at the Museum of Photographic Arts (MOPA), the forum drew a crowd of approximately 40 community members and business own- ers, all aspiring to learn more

about the principals and prac- tices of sustainability. San Diego City Council-

man Todd Gloria was the first to address the forum's attend- ees, speaking to the cost sav- ings achieved within the park through energy retrofits. “We have significantly re- duced energy consumption and are on target to save millions of dollars in reduced costs to Balboa Park institutions,” Glo-

see MOPA, page 23

Although breaking news deflects the issue periodically, health care in the United States has become a hot button topic since the econ- omy began freefalling in 2000, and Uptown- area residents are no strangers to health care woes. In fact, 2009 data from area clinics, which provide free and grant-funded health services to those without coverage, shows the situation appears to be at a boiling point.

see Health, page 9

—Kaiser Permanente reported that more than three-quarters of the uninsured come from working families—four out of 10 of the unin- sured are individuals and families who are poor (incomes less than the federal poverty level or $22,050 for a family of four in 2009).

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