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Health and Wellness


are important. But running, jog-

ging or elliptical exer- cises will dramatically improve your perfor- mance on the lanes. Here’s how:

GOING THE DISTANCE: Click on the play button (above left) to watch Team USA’s Shannon O’Keefe demonstrate the bowling benefits of running.



hen people think of getting in

shape for bowling, a few things might im- mediately come to mind. Arm strength is one. After all, you need some muscle to swing the heavy ball.

A strong, solid back is another. You can feel the pressure in that part of your body at every release. So clearly some weight training is a great idea for getting in shape to bowl. What about running? You may be

How a running regimen can improve your bowling skills

surprised to discover the benefits of incor- porating that cardio- vascular exercise into your workout regimen. After all, bowling isn’t like basketball, soc- cer or track, sports in which endurance and an elevated heart rate

“The endurance and overall fitness provided by running can only help improve your bowling

score.” — Shannon O’Keefe 14 USBOWLER JANUARY 2011

SLIM DOWN As one of the most vigorous exercises, running is an ex- tremely efficient way to burn calories and drop pounds. Run- ning burns about 100 calories per mile for a 150-pound person. Because running also builds muscle mass, your resting metabolism will in- crease, which means that you’ll burn more calories at rest. If you combine running with a healthy diet, you’ll definitely notice a dif- ference in the way you look and feel. That translates well to the lanes since the more fit you are, and the more lean muscle you have, the easier it is to maintain a smooth and powerful delivery.

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