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Computer Systems and Software

Materials management benefits from user feedback


ranta Design is releasing Granta MI 4.0, the latest edition of this software-

based system for materials information management in engineering enterprises. New features have been developed with input from users such as Boeing, Emerson Electric, Eurocopter, GE, Honeywell, NASA, Rolls-Royce and TRW Automotive. Key themes are: helping to manage and respond to changing information; tracking and using complex interrelationships between data. l For composites: Designing a database to store composite test and design data is difficult because these materials contain multiple components that are combined and processed in many different ways. Leading aerospace, defence and energy enterprises in the Material Data Management Consortium have helped to define an effective and efficient database structure. This is now available to any Granta MI user. And a

new Composite Design data module means that users can augment in-house data with data from the NCAMP, AGATE, and CMH-17 projects. l For restricted substances: Granta MI helps organisations to identify the likely effect of regulations on product designs. A new tool provides alerts on any change to a relevant substance, material or regulation. l For steels: Granta MI now enables access to two sets of European reference data on steels, fully integrated with in-house data. The Stahldat SX data is a complete Register of European Steels. The second dataset is from the MI-21 ‘Metals Information for the 21st Century’ project, and includes two data collections: World Metal Index Metals and The Welding Institute Welding Consumables. l

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Magics 15 improves pre-processing for rapid prototyping


aterialise is releasing a new version of its pre-processing software for the rapid

prototyping and additive manufacturing industry. Magics 15 is a Windows 7-compatible version of Magics that aims to optimise core additive manufacturing software operations to help users work faster and smarter. Magics is a core component of the Magics e-Solution Suite, which offers a range of integrated efficiency-boosting tools for rapid prototyping and additive manufacturing setups. This new release of Magics features many enhancements to help speed up data conditioning, ease work preparation, improve support generation reliability and raise laser sintering productivity.

Enhanced import capabilities mean that Magics can now import almost any file format, which enables users to get straight to work with Google Sketchup 7.0, Solidworks and ACIS file formats.

Data conditioning is also speeded up with some time-saving tools like the ability to detect thin or thick wall sections with a single click, and the facility to cut a part before having to fully repair it.

Magics 15 includes a range of new features to ease work preparation. For example, it is now possible to save hours in both CAD and post-processing work with the ability to make polyline cuts with integrated connector pins for easy post-build assembly. Laser sintering users also have plenty with which to be pleased about in Magics 15. Major advances are most prominent in the automated 3D packing tool Magics Smartspace. This intelligent utility now enables users to specify smaller part intervals for only the small components on a build platform. l

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