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Fig. 1. The I/A Series model P92 workstations are the first host- based devices (HBD) to achieve this globally recognised benchmark for communications security and robustness.

against increased exposure to cyber security attacks. The Achilles certified designation has been integrated as a mandatory selection requirement by many of the world’s largest industrial organisations, from all critical infrastructure sectors such as Shell and Total, and has already been implemented in more than 14 industrial control systems from manufacturers such as ABB, Honeywell and Emerson. Achilles certification directly addresses cyber security at

a time when accessible, affordable, high-speed connectivity has created increased vulnerability to malicious cyber attacks. Now Achilles Certified, VxWorks allows developers to build secure devices conforming to the Achilles certification, leveraging a prevalidated, real-time operating system that limits unpredictability, compared to a noncertified operating system or application. Application developers can now utilise a platform that

has already been certified by a trusted third party, bringing more predictability to a time-consuming, complex and costly process. Developers can rely on the Achilles certified platform,

with included networking stack, to be a trusted component of their overall end product and can benefit from faster time-to- market, lowered development and certification expenditures, as well as less overall risk of cyber attacks. “As cyber threats to mission-critical systems continue

to grow in frequency and complexity, it is critical to have a secure infrastructure that protects vital data against hackers,” said Jens Wiegand, general manager of industrial and medical solutions at Wind River. “Having achieved the Achilles certified designation from Wurldtech, our customers can now develop their entire device on a secure, certified, out-of-the-

box platform, while minimising the final certification process, shrinking application development time, driving costs down and increasing competitive advantage in a global market.” “The security and robustness of critical digital infrastructures must improve given the evolving nature of cyber risk and the increasing cost to end users associated with disruptions to industrial operations or breaches in data integrity,” said Dr Nate Kube, chief technology officer of Wurldtech Security Technologies. “Suppliers integrating VxWorks into their critical control systems will now have an additional level of assurance that network stack communications are safe, secure and reliable. We are pleased to collaborate with Wind River and will continue to address key challenges facing embedded device makers against cyber attacks.” In other news, Siemens has selected the Achilles Satellite

to enhance internal robustness testing best practices for its range of industrial automation and control solutions. “Siemens considers the security and robustness of our industrial control systems portfolio of critical importance. By integrating the Achilles testing platform into the development life-cycle of our process automation, control and safety solutions, we are able to validate resilience from design through deployment and help our customers maintain safe, security and reliable industrial operations,” said manager Thomas Brandstetter. The Wurldtech certification has also announced the

20th Achilles certified industrial control system. The HIMax safety controller from HIMA has achieved the internationally recognised benchmark for system security and robustness on the previous 2.14/2.16 and latest 3.8/3.12 versions. l 17

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