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Endowment Funds: A Permanent Partnership
Endowment funds provide a stable funding stream that helps ensure Excelsior’s ability to fulfill its mission of access to higher education — into the future. The creation of permanently restricted endowment funds builds a strong foundation for the College by providing a reliable source of support for current and future use.

Endowments represent a permanent partnership between Excelsior College and the donors who contribute to them. The legacy of thoughtful donors plays a great role in the life of the College into perpetuity and grows into the basis upon which Excelsior can build its achievements.

A strong endowment is also a key indicator of the quality and financial strength of a college. It is often the gauge by which institutional stability is measured. Excelsior College looks to the private sector for major gifts and grants to support its mission and plans. A growing endowment demonstrates that the College enjoys strong constituent support and is committed to maintaining stability for future generations of students. With a stable platform, Excelsior is able to continue to create innovative programs, attract the highest caliber faculty and staff, and offer financial aid that will enable students to attend Excelsior regardless of financial need.

What’s Your Legacy?
The Legacy Society is a group of forward-thinking individuals who, like Bob Williams, have included the College in their future plans with a planned gift or bequest intention.

Plan your gift. Bob did.

Bob Williams, BS ’95, Owego, NY
CAREER: Retired Chief of Police, Owego, NY. Manager of Signal Security, Time Warner Cable. Senior Organizational Development Analyst, Lockheed Martin Systems Integration, Owego, NY. He is direc- tor of Student Services for Elmira Business Institute — Vestal Campus.

QUOTE: “Excelsior bridges the gap for many adult learners to make education a reality. I feel good that my legacy will be assisting others to obtain their education. I am very proud to be a part of the Excelsior organization and to participate through legacy planning.”

PASSION: Excelsior’s core concepts parallel Bob’s thoughts on nontraditional adult education. Bob’s bachelor’s degree from Excelsior was the launching pad for further education. He has gone on to earn an MSEd in adult education and is now working on an MBA. True to his passion, he is currently the director of Student Services for Elmira Business Institute — Vestal Campus.

GIFT: Completed a bequest intention leaving a life insurance policy to Excelsior College.

REASON: “Excelsior’s students need and deserve the opportunity to receive assistance. In many cases this is their best and/or only option to obtain an education … Your due diligence in checking out Excelsior will prove to you that the value of your gift will make a difference in the lives of students with real needs, which won’t be met without your gift.”

With careful planning, there are many ways you can support the College’s future while simultaneously meeting some of your own personal financial goals and objectives. Planned gifts, either standing alone or as part of your overall giving, can help you make that special gift that seemed otherwise impossible.

To learn more about Excelsior’s endowment funds and the Legacy Society, or if you would like to request a personal gift illustration from the gift planning staff, please contact Director of Development Marcy Stryker at 518-608-8287; or email To learn about all the ways you can help support the College, go to

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