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5to7 Toys and Games Festival Wallhangings

Supplier: Articles of Faith Ltd Tel: 0161 763 6232 Web: Price: £62.00 Age range: 3 to 10 years

Description: Keep your school hall or classroom up to date with festivals throughout the year, with this attractive and versatile hanging. Choose the religion with its symbol and festival name from the handy pockets, and Velcro them in place. This set also includes a CD with images and teachers notes.

Score: 89.2%

What the testers said: “The resource was very useful. It would be a good permanent feature to have on a display. The Velcro meant that children could easily play with it. It is very well made, but could be more durable if parts were laminated. The supporting CD-ROM was helpful and gave

explanations of each symbol.”

Manufacturer: Paul Lamond Games Ltd Tel: 0207 254 0100 Web: Price: £9.95 Age range: 6 years +

Description: Where a slip of the tongue can cost you the game. Can you describe a balloon without saying “pop” or “inflate”? Many different levels of difficulty. Great fun for kids.

Score: 89.1% 5to7 five to seven educator

What the testers said: “The children loved this game, especially with it having an electronic timer. It is a challenging game that is great for developing language skills. It is better suited to ages of eight+, as some younger children took a while to understand. The cards and stands are attractive and durable, and you can make your own cards, linked to the topic that you were doing in class.”

Don’t Say It

5to7 five to seven educator

Silver Award Lego City Fire Station

Manufacturer: Lego Company Limited Web: Price: £59.99 Age range: 5 to 12 years

Description: The new fire station features a newly styled modern fire truck, fireman’s pole, highly detailed living quarters and accessories. The fire theme is a proven success, offering great play value.

Score: 88.4%

What the testers said: “The children enjoyed building this up and breaking it down to rebuild again. They also enjoyed playing games. Once it was all built, it encouraged imaginative play. This game developed fine motor skills and good communication skills, when children were building as a team. Five to seven-year-olds had difficulty in making it on their own, while older children found it easy.”

five to seven educator


My World: My Body

Manufacturer: Gibsons Web: Price: £8.99 Age range: 5 to 7 years

Description: The My World range has been developed to complement government guidelines for children aged 0 to seven, as well as stimulate general skills, like imagination and communication. My Body gives an understanding of how the body works, keeping healthy, and how to ask appropriate questions about how things work.

Score: 88.4%

What the testers said: “A lovely jigsaw, which is very clear and attractive. This puzzle is better suited to age seven, as there is lots of writing for five-year- olds to understand, but they were very interested in the pictures and facts. A good educational product.”

5to7 five to seven educator

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5to7 Toys and Games

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