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Nick At Night DJ Service


At the all-night party, you need more than just music. More than just a DJ. You need a HOST. You need a master of ceremonies for door prizes, games, contests, and giveaways. You need someone that will make announcements about the opening and closing times of the various activities at your event.

When does the pool open and close? What time does the sumo wrestling start in the gym? You’ve spent A LOT of money to bring these activities to your guests, make sure you have a host that can clearly announce when and where these events will take place. You need a company with years of party motivating experience that can stimulate and involve your seniors all night long.

Think of us as more than just DJs. We are hosts for your contests and events. We are the public address system for your announcements. We are much like the radio station you listen to for great music and loads of fun each day. We can complement your event by being the glue that holds it all together.

Want proof? Why not invite us to your next project graduation meeting? We offer a free, no obligation presentation to answer your questions and show you the 5 most important features of choosing a professional DJ service.

Some of these package options for project graduation include:

Karaoke Music Video Dance Party Dance Dance Revolution



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