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Nick At Night DJ Service


Homecoming season is our favorite time of year. A fall breeze is in the air. Pep assemblies, parades, and football games abound. School spirit is off the richter scale! Of course the grand finale of homecoming is when the entire school attends the dance. We’ve rocked homecoming dances with 200 to 2,500 students in attendance, and we enjoy the excitement of this thrilling occasion every year.

Now for a math lesson. Homecoming season is only 6 weeks long. We have over 250 high schools in our service area, and we can only book 5 events each night before we are sold out. That’s a total of 30 dances, which means 220 high schools have to find someone else for homecoming. Guess you better pick up the phone right now, huh?

We hate to disappoint clients with news that we are sold out on their homecoming date, but it happens every year. You can prevent this if you book early. Contact us today and reserve your date before it’s too late.

Got questions? Why not invite us to your next student council meeting? We offer a free, no obligation presentation to answer your questions and show you the 5 most important features of choosing a professional DJ service.



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