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the art of Change

The one constant on every col- lege campus is the cycle of change. Students come and go. Courses are added and dropped. Buildings are erected and torn down. But one thing has remained unchanged for three decades on Central State’s campus, the presence of Art Professor Abner Cope.

ing Arts program and has often been seen leading a line of robed scholars in his role as Chief Marshal.

But, after 30 years of teaching, and as he would tell you learning, Professor Cope is retiring. Like so many before him, he leaves an incredible legacy for those yet to come. His legacy lives in the success of former students and in the mural that adorns the library named for Hallie Q. Brown. It lives in the prestige that comes from be- ing affiliated with an award-winning

artist, and it lives in me… a proud daughter and graduate (class of ’96).

As the cycle of change continues this fall, absent Professor Cope, there is one more lesson to be learned for us all; CHANGE is constant and it may even be Central, but when done well, it’s an art!

Terri Cope is the daughter of Professor Abner Cope and a 1996 graduate of Central State University.

Retired Art Professor, Abner Cope

Professor Cope joined the CSU fam- ily in 1980. Dr. Lionel Newsom was university president, Jimmy Carter was president of the United States, and Diana Ross was presiding atop the music charts. Although many things have changed since then, Professor Cope’s dedication has not. While most art majors know him well, his impact can be felt in and beyond the Paul Robeson Cultural and Performing Arts Center.

He has mentored many, served on countless committees, worked tire- lessly to grow the Fine and Perform-

Central State University also said good-bye to Larry Cannon, reg- istrar and member of the campus family for 16 years. On June 30, 2010, Larry Cannon served his last day as CSU’s university registrar.

Mr. Cannon joined the CSU family during the winter of 1994. Although his entire career at CSU was in the Registrar’s office, Larry served in many other leadership roles within the University.

He was known for his willingness to assist all faculty, staff, and students. Most of Larry’s colleagues know about his annual vacation trip to his family cabin in Canada. Now that he is retired, Larry plans to spend a lot of time fishing, golfing, and shar- ing more time with his wife and son.

Retired Registrar, Larry Cannon


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