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The iPad is “defying common assumptions about consumer technology adoption” Sarah Rotman Epps, Analyst at Forrester Research

The iPad is defying assumptions to such an extent it even took leading technology market research firm Forrester by surprise, so much so that they are now planning to significantly revise upward their original forecast for the tablet computer market.

ABI Research also says that it “has revisited its forecasts, almost tripling the original estimate to reach about 11 million tablets expected to ship by the end of 2010... based on the broader availability of the iPad.”

Market research firm iSuppli is even more optimistic in its outlook. “iSuppli now predicts Apple will ship 12.9 million iPads in 2010, an increase from the previous forecast issued April 2nd of 7.1 million units.”

The trends are clear. The iPad is a global phenomenon that is already revolutionizing online reading, browsing and viewing habits and also providing highest conversion rates for mobile eCommerce. Just like the iPod overturned the established order in the music industry, the iPad is threatening to disrupt a few industries of its own, especially the gaming and publishing industries.

As the iPad TV ad concludes, “It’s already a revolution, and it’s only just begun.”


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