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Option 4:

Skid Identification & Control

- Life Saving Driving Techniques for Anyone Driving for Work

A 3.5 hour training session working with 4 delegates at Millbrook Proving Ground. Using the latest Cedegrens Swedish designed and built skid technology mounted to modern Vauxhall saloon cars, delegates will experience the effects of driver inputs on vehicle stability and control. Before a vehicle skids it communicates to the driver subtle physical and audible messages. Recognising these messages can assist the driver in maintaining control of an otherwise life threatening situation.

Understeer and oversteer will be explained and experienced with coaching given in their identification and control. The system makes it possible to experience and therefore train on a wide variety of different road conditions all year round.

As CAT has its own fleet of training vehicles, the course will build on the understanding developed

using the Skid Car and give

additional hands on experience and knowledge to each participant. The modern vehicle offers a variety of potentially life saving active aids, helping to keep you on the road in life threatening situations. ESP, TC and ABS are there to help you but how do they actually work? Have you ever had the opportunity to experience a car at its limit of adhesion and feel these active aids working?

Our training will take you step by step through the abbreviated world of driver aids and as importantly how to drive safely without the need for their intervention. This section of the training is given in modern Ford saloon cars creating real time road emergency

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