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3 Skid

Identification & Control**

Exclusive use Circuit

1 Caterham Drifting**

Exclusive use Circuit

This is one of our most popular activities. Drive a full on track prepared Caterham 7 at and beyond its limit of adhesion. Powerslide your way through tyre smoking exercises, safely under supervision by a CAT drifting expert. You’ll be ready to take on Clarkson when you’ve finished!

2 Caterham Gymkhana**

Exclusive use Circuit The Ultimate Challenge. Complete the coned course against the clock and your fellow delegates. Strapped into a race prepared Caterham 7 you will need to drive with speed and precision for the quickest time. Keep it smooth – there are time penalties if you hit a cone, or miss the course.

Learn how to stay in control of your vehicle in an emergency in our specially designed skid car. The standard driving test gives you no formal training in skid control and yet a large percentage of accidents result from loss of control of the vehicle. Now you can practise life-saving skid recovery skills in different road conditions and explore understeer and oversteer too. This is one of our most popular activities.

4 High Speed Driving**

High Speed Circuit

This is the ultimate high speed experience. Unless you’re an American NASCAR driver you have probably never driven on a banked circuit. Millbrook has its own 2 mile banked 5 lane amphitheatre. It’s the only one in Europe so prepare to be amazed. Total control at speed demands good forward planning and observational skills, an understanding of vehicle dynamics and just a little bit of nerve. You will be coached through the core skills to drive quickly and safely at speeds over 100MPH.

5 The Racing Line

Handling Circuit – Subaru Impreza/ Lotus Elise/Race Caterham – 1 delegate to 1 instructor Experience the “rush” of power and true dynamic harmony. Take the controls of a track prepared ballistic missile. Are you ready for the challenge?! Piece together the corner from entry to exit. Building your speed on each lap, this is an adrenalin packed window into the world of circuit cornering mastery.

** = Best Sellers

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