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Mind your Language

Recruitment specialist Andy Holtham,

of NES, explains the importance of good body language for job applicants

Movers & Shakers

M+E design consultant, Troup Bywaters + Anders, has announced that

Chris Lynn will

head up the team at its new Cardiff office. Lynn joins from AECOM, where he was a director. He has worked in Wales and the rest of the UK on a large range of projects, including education, health, commercial, retail and leisure, residential and arts.

Gavin Loy has

re-joined CAD 21 Ltd as an associate, after five years in Dubai, to head up

CAD 21’s new Thorpe Park office in Leeds. Gavin is relishing the challenge to build up CAD 21’s profile in the Yorkshire region.

Job interviews can be a nerve- wracking experience for even the most outgoing of individuals – and it’s not always qualifications and experience that jobseekers will fall down on at this stage. Complacency simply isn’t an

option, even for those who are confident that their skills and experience meet the requirements outlined in the job spec. Something that’s become a

growing issue for NES is hopeful applicants attending numerous interviews and – understandably – feeling gradually less and less confident about their performance, as knock-back after knock-back begins to take its toll. While high levels of anxiety were

once more commonly displayed by recent graduates seeking their first role, recession-hit jobseekers, who had been used to practically walking straight into role after role after role throughout the course of their careers, have felt a severe impact of

Don’t allow your

lack of confidence or negative body language hinder your ongoing professional development


CIBSE Journal June 2010

ever-tightening budgets, ever-more stringent recruitment processes and ever-increasing competition. So, while you, as such an

accustomed professional, may well snigger at the prospect of carefully considering your body language, think about how recent times may have affected the way other people perceive you without you even realising it. No-one is capable of avoiding

body language – some are just more aware of it than others – but by being more aware of it, you can take greater control of it and learn to use positive body language to your advantage when it comes to that all-important job interview. Think about the negative signals

that you might be giving out. Saying all the right things in an interview isn’t going to help if your interviewer reads the non-verbal message that your body language is sending. Weak handshakes can be hugely off-putting and can indicate a weak character, so put some effort in and ensure that yours says ‘firm, but friendly’. Next, think about things like

posture, eye contact, tone of voice and the way you speak, which all contribute to the overall perception that you create: slouching indicates low self-esteem or lack of interest, whereas upright demonstrates confidence and comfort; avoiding eye contact is a sign of dishonesty

Hugh Parry,

CEng MCIBSE, has joined Flatt Consulting as a technical director. He will work

alongside the current management team to further develop the company’s building services, low carbon design and sustainability business.

Robert Shaw has

left AECOM to join LDA Design as director of sustainability and climate change.

At LDA Design he will continue to work on spatial planning and

(certainly not something that will be welcomed at a job interview!). So, whether you’re speaking or listening, use eye contact without staring; slow down your speech deliberately, to compensate for any quickening pace – a clear and controlled voice conveys assurance and is easier to understand. It’s important to remember that

you may no longer be a scarce resource – we’re still fighting the effects of the recession, so there are plenty of applicants with strong technical skills and a lot of experience. Negative body language isn’t going to do you any favours, so think about how you portray yourself and take steps to

masterplanning projects, particularly looking at how the company translates climate change and sustainable policies into action.

Steve Heap has

been appointed field sales manager at the gas safety panel manufacturer

Medem UK. Heap will strengthen the Medem team by orchestrating a business development strategy that identifies opportunities and responds swiftly to customer demand. He was previously business development manager at Omron Electronics.

Paul Dollin has

been appointed WSP UK managing director, and executive director

of WSP Group plc, the engineering and management consultant. Formerly managing director of design and engineering at WS Atkins, he will now help to strengthen WSP’s UK business.

The Rodin Group has appointed

Gary Maddison as

its national sales manager. He has more than 25

years’ experience in water treatment and water systems as a public health engineer and senior sales engineer. He has also taught plumbing, heating and ventilating as a senior mechanical lecturer.

ensure that it isn’t something that will prevent you from finding work in the future. With so many hopeful

candidates applying for every vacancy, companies really can pick and choose according to whatever criteria they consider to be significant alongside those all-important technical skills – don’t allow your lack of confidence or negative body language hinder your ongoing professional development.

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