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Anaerobic digester gas monitoring

Anaerobic digesters are commonplace at water utility companies as the waste-to-energy possibilities of sewage become apparent. Thus water companies are more interested in gas analysis. Methane is the fuel gas and needs to be measured to optimise generator set efficiency. The GIR5000 biogas analyser from Hitech Instruments is a two or

Hitech’s GIR5000 is reliable in fieldwork

three gas analyser measuring methane and hydrogen sulphide with an option of oxygen or carbon dioxide. Hitech design and manufacture according to customers applications and other sensors will be available on demand. The GIR5000 uses Hitech’s proven sensor technology and robust electronics, which makes it highly reliable in field use. There are also no consumables and the maintenance requirement is very low. Occasional checks will help to determine if calibration is necessary.

Input power improved for actuators

Flowserve Corporation, a leading provider of flow control products and services for the global infrastructure markets, today announced the availability of 24- to 48-volt DC-input power for all sizes of Flowserve Limitorque QX electronic valve actuators. While primarily designed to meet the needs of remote, low-voltage DC applications in the offshore oil and gas industry, this capability can also be used in commercial power, solar power and water applications. “The new DC power capability completes the Limitorque QX product line and secures the Flowserve position as a premier electronic heavy-duty actuator supplier to the oil and gas industry,” said Bill Lyon, director, research and development, Flowserve Flow Control Division. The electronic controls in the Limitorque QX actuators with DC volt capability are 100 percent digital with no moving parts, making them more reliable than electro- mechanical devices.

New DC-input power is versatile and capable

Gas detector capabilities expanded

Gas detection specialist Crowcon has expanded the capabilities of its highly successful Tetra:3 (T3) personal multi-gas detector with three more toxic gas sensors: ozone, sulphur dioxide and ammonia. This complements the existing sensor range which includes flammable gases, oxygen, hydrogen sulphide, and carbon monoxide. The new sensors widen the scope of the T3 to include water and wastewater applications. Featuring a top-mount display and the capacity to

Emu laboratories relocate

After many years on Hayling Island, Emu’s laboratories has recently completed its move to new premises at Trafalgar Wharf near Portchester, a prominent site at the top of Portsmouth Harbour. The new 1,860m2 waterside location provides excellent facilities including a 100% increase in laboratory capacity, extended office accommodation, warehouse storage, wet and dry dock, and now incorporates Emu Survey Division including metocean and marine ecology survey groups. Emu will retain its existing Durley head office unit as the base for the consultancy division and the company’s administrative services. Christine Scott, Emu’s microbiological and water quality manager, said: “From our new base, the Emu laboratories will continue to provide UKAS accredited sampling and analysis of waters, sludge and sediments with a large range of parameters both chemical and biological.”

EMU’s water analysis continues

Thicker sludge saves time and cash

Trial success: Hach Lange’s advanced monitoring

Recent improvements in pump technology prompted Severn Trent Water (STW) to initiate a de-sludging trial to reduce costs and energy consumption by producing thicker sludge in the Primary Settlement Tank (PST). Advanced monitoring instrumentation from Hach Lange played a key role in the trial which has been a success.

The trial took place at STW’s Stoke Bardolph Sewage Treatment Works. Monitoring and control instrumentation was provided by Hach Lange and a hydraulically operated ram pump with an adaptive control system was provided by EMS Industries. A Sonatax SC probe was deployed for the measurement of sludge

blanket level and a Solitax SC probe provided suspended solids and turbidity values. All data was handled by an SC 1000 ‘plug and play’ controller.

New Sievers InnovOx TOC analyzer

Demanding environ- ments: the T3

The analytical instruments division of GE Power and Water announces its new Sievers InnovOx On-Line TOC Analyzer for measuring total organic carbon (TOC) in wastewater, industrial process, and environmental samples for a wide range of industries. The InnovOx On-Line joins the InnovOx Laboratory Analyzer in offering GE’s innovative supercritical water oxidation (SCWO) technology for improved reliability, uptime, and robust handling of challenging sample matrices such as brine. The InnovOx uses SCWO, which combines

detect up to four gases at once, the T3 is designed for use in the most demanding industrial environments, including confined space work. It features intuitive, single button operation, essential for users with gloved hands.

high temperature and pressure to convert an aqueous sample matrix into supercritical water, a phase in which the water is neither liquid nor gas, and where SCWO can occur. This results in highly efficient oxidation, enhanced TOC measurement accuracy and precision.

Wide range of uses: the InnovOx

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