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Delmatic’s cutting edge at The Blade

A Delmatic lighting management system is delivering energy efficiency and a high level of flexibility to The Blade, an office development in Reading, Berkshire. The system

has helped the building to achieve a ‘Very Good’ BREEAM rating and offers tenants the freedom to modify the system to suit their needs. Using Delmatic’s Metro One Ten 10-port

plug-in modules with DSI dimming, Metro routers, Metro presence detectors and multi- sensors, the system provides fully-flexible, addressable dimming control of lighting within the office areas.

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Simplicity key to Medem range

The new Medem Services and Environmental Control (SEC) range offers the flexibility of single or multi-function solutions, including demand- controlled ventilation and CO2 monitoring, gas detection, gas pressure proving and fan interlocking. The SEC range is extremely simple to use and easy to install, featuring an LCD screen displaying the status and instructions to the end-user.

Features can be tailored to the specifier’s requirements for, but not limited to, commercial kitchens, laboratories and boiler rooms to enable energy and cost savings.

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Lumicom gives a boost to street lantern recycling

Following extensive field trials, Lumicom has launched arrangements for the disposal of end-of- life street lanterns being replaced by new lamps from Lumicom members. Consequently, specifying new lanterns from Lumicom members will greatly ease the disposal of the older luminaires. The field trials explored a number of options

for establishing an efficient, cost-effective and user-friendly disposal infrastructure for street lanterns. The result is a scheme that will greatly increase the numbers of luminaires being recycled, thus reducing environmental impact considerably.

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CIBSE Journal May 2010

University of Strathclyde chooses Grundfos for M&E

Grundfos has been chosen to work on the M&E solution at the University of Strathclyde’s new purpose-built £25m research facility, which will focus on supporting fundamental and applied research into forming and forging – an industry that is currently estimated to be worth £2.1bn. Being able to

provide a complete solution to all the pumping needs is one of Grundfos’ strengths and ensuring that the various elements of the solution will work together harmoniously offers that extra level of assurance.

l For more information email uk-sales@ or call 01525 850000

Megaman lamps are a ‘steel’

Lamps from Megaman (UK) Ltd have been used to provide an effective, low- energy light source for ArcelorMittal’s factory in Willenhall, West Midlands. More than 150 high bay luminaires, incorporating Megaman’s Clusterlite lamps, have been installed in the 150,000 sq ft facility. All of the lamps are on photo cells to maximise the energy-saving element of the project and Megaman Clusterlite lamps provide a longer life, making them ideal for use due to limited access to some of the lamps.

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College chooses Atlantic Boilers

Lancashire- based Atlantic Boilers has installed rapeseed oil boilers at the Building Crafts College, Stratford, east London. The boilers are two Atlantic R22kW

year-round condensing boilers. The oil is kept heated in a storage tank, where it is maintained above 5°C and continuously circulated to the boilers inbuilt pre-heat tanks. In the pre-heat tanks the oil temperature is raised to 60°C, and then, finally, the temperature is raised in the burner heads to ignition temperature. The boilers maintain seasonal efficiencies

greater than 94 per cent GCV.

l For more information call 0161 621 5960

Classroom ventilation units

Aircraft Air Handling’s 260mm-high classroom ventilation units: silenced to nr25; plate recuperator 60 per cent efficient; air volume 0-500 litres. Heating: LPHW/ELECTRIC. Cooling: CW/DX. Larger air volumes and bespoke units are available.

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TridonicAtco out of the shadows

TridonicAtco has supplied its LEDs for Chasing Shadows, a collaboration between Peter Pritchard of lighting design consultancy Pritchard Themis, and his wife, textiles artist Eleanor Pritchard, at the zoological museum in Kaunas, Lithuania. Some 66 illuminated ‘trees’ were hung

in the museum’s Grand Trophy Room, representing a woodland. These ‘trees’ were made of paper that was burnt and then sealed into clear acrylic tubes. A white Tridonic LED in each tube illuminated the paper and created a ghostly forest of light.

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