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Weir Bulletin 11
Customer Focus
Design modification
corrects problem
Continental blower following repair
The rotating equipment
shop at Amco Weir in
Saudi Arabia repaired a continental blower,
treating sulphur air, with problems relating to
high and increased vibration levels due to internal
The inspection revealed that the existing
impeller bores were all outside of the design
tolerance. Engineers proposed a design
modification to increase the impeller seat area
according to the analysis, resulting in acceptable
levels of interference between the impellers and
shaft, correcting vibration problems.
The customer reported that the blower has been
operating within acceptable parameters, without
any reported abnormalities, since the repair.
New technology
Newmont Waihi Gold mine, New Zealand
Weir Minerals North America recently received
an order for CAVEX
650 units. The units will
replace existing Warman hydrocyclones from
a North American gold mining operation with
Trials produce
new technologically advanced Cavex units.
Since installation the CAVEX
rubber and ceramic liners have shown low
levels of wear and are expected to last for over
two years, more than doubling the life of
quality results
previous units.
A complete set of liners can be changed by
one person over a two day period, during Weir Minerals Australia helped Newmont Waihi Gold mine in New Zealand make
which 86,400 tons of valuable gold ore could improvements and reduce costs through a series of pump trials.
be processed. This highlights the critical Using various methods, across two very abrasive ores from two mines, Newmont Waihi Gold saw a
nature of the operation. 180% increase in component durability at the Favona mine and an 80% increase at the Martha mine,
The new CAVEX
hydrocyclone technology in addition to reduced labour, 50% reduction in parts cost and less rebuilds. The principle achievement
has significantly improved process for Weir Minerals Australia was the new streamlined impeller and throatbrush design allowing easy
performance at the operation, with lower handling of rubber liners.
maintenance and replacement part costs, Bruce Schollum, senior maintenance supervisor at the mine said “We collected accurate data over a
providing overwhelming gains for the plant, long period of time to compare different components. We ensured labour was available to rebuild the
producing 1,800 tons of ore every hour. pump frequently over the trial period, ensuring the standby pump was always in good condition. The
process has been long but worthwhile.”
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