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BUSINESS FUNDAMENTALS FOR ENGINEERS Propellers and Propulsion Manoeuvring and Motion Control; and to boost the propulsion engine unless the ship is designed for optimal
By Professor Chengi Kuo FRINA Ref BFE01 Vibration, each of which is described from the first principles through to regimes at sub critical speeds and can transit to supercritical regimes.
This book deals with essential business topics, so often treated in various formulas used in necessary calculations. Detailed description is also given how the energy wasted for propelling
a specialised and lengthy way, as related to practical engineering Member price: UK £36.50 EUR £36.50 OVS £37.50 a ship at near-critical speeds in shallow water is transformed into
situations. Eight chapters cover: business and the engineer; fundamental Non-Member price: UK £38.50 EUR £38.50 OVS £39.50 generating destructive and dangerous waves.
elements of business; markets; management; money; manpower;
Member price UK £82.00 EUR £82.00 OVS £82.00
case examples; and application. This volume provides engineering MULTI-HULL SHIPS
Non member price UK £92.00 EUR £92.00 OVS £92.00
students and practising engineers with an affective and well-integrated By V. Dubrovsky FRINA, A. Lyakhovitsky Ref: MHS
introduction to business. Catamarans, SWATH, and other multi-hull ships are among the
Member price: UK £27.00 EUR £28.00 OVS £32.00 dynamically progressing types of marine vessels both in terms
The Birth of Naval Architecture in the Scientific Revolution,
Non-Member price: UK £28.00 EUR £29.00 OVS £33.00 of performance and production growth. This progress has been
1600-1800, By Larrie D. Ferreiro MRINA Ref: SSBNA
accompanied by a remarkable growth in the number of technical
The first book to portray the birth of naval architecture as an integral part
publications. Although these publications, scattered over many sources,
of the Scientific Revolution, examining its development and application
A Guide For Industry - First Edition - Ref: DRYD
decades, and languages, constitute a great database they cannot fulfill
across the major shipbuilding nations of Europe."Naval architecture
The need for shipboard maintenance in an age of the principles
the demand for a comprehensive state-of-the-art reference book. This
of International Safety Management (ISM) has never been more
was born in the mountains of Peru, in the mind of a French astronomer
monograph satisfies such demand. For multi-hull ships it is what
important. If the industry is to operate at all it must be within the safety
named Pierre Bouguer who never built a ship in his life." So writes
“Principles of Naval Architecture” (PNA) is for traditional ships.
guidelines. Many shipboard tasks fall inside the planned maintenance
Larrie Ferreiro at the beginning of this pioneering work on the science
Member price: UK £192.50 EUR £192.50 OVS £192.50
programmes which can be conducted on a day to day basis but many of
of naval architecture.
Non-Member price: UK £202.50 EUR £202.50 OVS £202.50
the annual tasks required to operate ships tend to accumulate and can
Member price UK £29.35 EUR £ 38.70 OVS £40.90
only be catered for within a docking scenario. Over 100 Photographs
Non Member price UK £33.65 EUR £42.70 OVS £44.90
- Numerous diagrams and check lists. Listing of Dry Dock operations,
By Maurice Cocker Ref RNS
handling facilities, main ship builders and repair yards.
A must-buy for the Royal Navy and Submarine enthusiast, being a
Member price: UK £37.00 EUR £42.00 OVS £46.00
6TH Edition Ref SHKN
complete directory of RN submarines from the first Holland boat to the
Non-Member price: UK £40.00 EUR £45.00 OVS £49.00
Ship Knowledge is all about ships and shipping. Topics range from
latest Astute class. With a wealth of detail on each class and high quality
the structure and systems of various types of modern ships, to
drawings by John Lambert this hardback book will be widely welcomed.
engineering, maintenance, safety and the laws and regulations governing
Mr Cocker is a Companion of RINA.
Member price UK £18.99 EUR £22.50 OVS £23.50
the shipping industry. The text is richly illustrated with detailed
By Jonathan M Ross MRINA Ref: HFNM
Non members price UK £21.99 EUR £25.50 Ovs £26.50
drawings, photographs and cross-sections of many different types of
There is a driving need for naval professionals to focus on human factor seagoing vessels, all in full colour, making the book extremely attractive
issues. The number of maritime accidents is increasing and the chief
cause is human error, both by the designer and the operator. Decreasing
and very informative for anyone interested in shipping. After reading
crew size, lack of experienced operators, operations in higher sea states
By Professor Chengi Kuo FRINA Ref: SMMA
this book you will no longer think of a ship as an inanimate object,
and fatigue worsen the situation. Automation can be a partial solution,
The author introduces this book by asking a seemingly obvious
but as a completely self-supporting entity embodying all the modern
but flawed automated systems actually can contribute to accidents at
question "What is safety?". To show there is no straightforward
technologies found in a small town. An indispensable book for anyone
sea. This book integrates knowledge from numerous resources as well
answer he illustrates from his experience in conducting a number of
interested in modern shipping.
as the advice of a panel of eight recognised experts in the fields of related
safety workshops worldwide. In the foreword to this book Mr E E
Member price UK £50.00 EUR £51.00 OVS £57.00
research, development and operation.
Mitropoulos Secretary General of the IMO writes: "As Professor Kuo
Non Member price UK 54.00 EUR £54.00 OVS £61.00
Member price UK £50.00 EUR £55.00 OVS £57.50
points out early in his book, safety is not an absolute concept and the
Non- Members price UK £55.00 EUR £60.00 OVS £62.50
levels chosen are based on shared values. It is for this reason that
this book is so useful because it introduces safety concepts, explains
by V. Dubrovsky FRINA Ref: SHWO
safety terms, and demonstrates how the different techniques can be
This book is focused specifically on a multi-hull-ship type having
applied in practice.
one or more small hulls, called outriggers, connected to a much larger
By Lisa C. Hix Ref: IDMYD
Member price UK £28.75 EUR £31.00 OVS £33.50
main hull of any form. This book is kind of a supplement to MULTI-
In a first-time release to industry and the general public, the Westlawn
Non- Member price UK £31.75 EUR £34.00 OVS £36.50
HULL SHIPS by Dubrovsky & Lyakhovitsky (MHS). Like MHS, the
new “Ships with Outriggers” provides detailed technical discussions
Institute of Marine Technology announced in April 2009 this textbook
was now available for purchase. Specifically prepared as a textbook
of arrangements, hydrostatics, propulsion and seakeeping in calm
for Westlawn’s intensive Yacht & Boat Design Program, and also used
By Michael Penny
and rough seas, maneuvering, strength, and design of these ships,
as the text for Westlawn’s continuing education course in boat interior
Ref: SO
assuming that the reader is generally familiar with the background or
design this book provides detailed technical information not available
This book records the life of a working sailor in The Royal Navy &
can find it in MHS”.
from any other source. Heavily illustrated, with numerous line drawings
British Merchant Marine in the second half of the 20th Century. The
Member price: UK £69.50 EUR £69.50 OVS £69.50
and photos on nearly every page, this textbook will answer almost any
narrative begins in the closing days of World War II when a teenager
Non-Member price: UK £72.50 EUR £72.50 OVS £72.50
question a designer, builder, surveyor, crewmember, or serious boater
discovers his lifelong vocation. His subsequent career at sea is filled with When purchased with Multi- Hull Ships
may have about the accommodations and arrangements required for
people and ships, famous and everyday. A life rich in excitement and £25 RINA member £23 + p&p for MHS only.
safe, comfortable, and efficient crew and passenger spaces. Though
love, triumph and disaster, humour and laughter unfolds. Whilst this is a
focused on boats (vessels under 200 feet or 60 meters), the information
biography of a mariner it encompasses naval architecture, architects and
is equally valuable for commercial vessels of all sizes.
the technical complexities of ships. Mr Penny is a companion of RINA. By Ian Buxton FRINA Ref: SHBS
Member price UK £57 EUR £57 OVS £57
Member price : UK £27.50 EUR £30.00 OVS £34.50 The first order for a warship at 'Swans' was placed in 1907. There then
Non Member price UK £67 EUR £67 OVS £67
Non -Member price: UK £31.50 EUR £34.00 OVS £38.50 followed a steady stream of orders, peaking during the course of the two
World Wars and culminating with the orders in 2000 for two Auxiliary
Landing Ships (Logistic) and the subsequent debacle. During this
By Dr DA Taylor FRINA & Dr Alan ST Tang MRINA By Anatoly Lyakhovitsky Ref: SWSS
intervening period, the actual organisation behind the shipbuilding effort
Ref: MSNA This book presents systematic and detailed results of studying the
changed on a number of occasions, albeit the name of 'Swans' remained
This new and up-to-date book defines a ship and its parts, the methods hydrodynamics of ships in shallow water. Due to the current trend to the fore. Following on from Swan Hunter's final withdrawal from
used in calculating the areas and volumes of ships hulls (with worked of building larger and faster ships, many coastal waters and inner shipbuilding in 2006, this book is a nostalgic look at a proud heritage of
examples), followed by chapters on Buoyancy, Stability and Trim; waterways become shallow for these and future ships. Clear and detailed shipbuilding on the Tyne.
Ships and the Sea; Structural Strength; and Resistance, featuring the use explanation is given how ship performance declines in shallow water at Member price: UK £16.99 EUR £20.50 OVS £21.50
of model testing and its relationship to full scale ships. It also features speeds approaching the critical speed, and how wasteful can be attempts Non-Member price: UK £19.99 EUR £23.50 OVS £24.50
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Published 10 times a year Published 6 times a year Published Quarterly
• Providing up-to-date technical information • In depth coverage of small craft/small ship design, building & • In depth coverage of all aspects of shiprepair and
on commercial ship design, construction and technology. conversion work and comprehensive technical
equipment. • Specialist sections include: fast ferries, tugs, salvage & offshore, descriptions of major conversion projects.
• Regular reports on centres of shipbuilding patrol & paramilitary craft, coastal & inland waterway vessels, • Regular regional surveys on the
quarterly publication
activity worldwide. pilot boats, propulsion and transmissions. major shiprepair centres.
• Comprehensive, technical descriptions • Advances in construction • Developments in shipboard and
of the latest newbuildings. materials, electronics, shipyard equipment
• News, views, rules &
bi-monthly publication
marine equipment. technology.
regulations, technology, • Contract news and the latest • Contract news, appointments,
CAD/CAM, innovations. market developments. industry views, new
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