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Duke Soccer - A Family Affair
By A.J. Carr As for the music, teammates got a chance
to hear the Tweed-Kents’ singing talents before
As an only child, John Kerr didn’t under- a game at Virginia this fall.
stand what life with siblings was really like. While in the locker room, Christopher
Now the Duke men’s soccer coach is get- accepted an invitation to belt out a song. Un-
ting the picture. abashedly, he gave what Kerr described as a
Kerr has three children, including 8-year old “wonderful version” of Amazing Grace. Daniel,
twins. He also sees that type of family dynamic who claims to be “a little more reserved,” sang
while on the job. The roster of his No. 11-ranked along while sitting with teammates.
Blue Devils includes brothers Ryan and Austin “That caught the attention of all the players;
McDaniel, plus two sets of twins -- Christopher it gave us a boost,’’ Kerr said.
and Daniel Tweed-Kent; and Ryan and Chris- A little later, the Blue Devils conquered Vir-
tian Brown. ginia. Singing Daniel scored the winning goal,
“Maybe I’m fulfilling my void from child- which led to ACC Player of the Week honors.
hood,’’ quipped Kerr, who captured National More recently, he helped wreck Virginia
Player of the Year honors in 1986 and led Duke Tech with two goals...or was that Christo-
to the NCAA championship. pher?
While the brothers have contributed to team Along with the shot making, they have
bonding, it didn’t happen without some confu- smarts. Daniel, a reserve midfielder, and Chris-
sion. topher, a starter with an offensive mindset, are
among four Duke players on the CoSIDA All-
WHO’S WHO? District Academic team.
For a while, people did double takes,
flashing the kind puzzled expressions that ask: BOOTING BROWNS
“Which twin was that?” The Browns, freshmen Christian and Ryan,

The identity issue became especially tricky are reserves with potential.
“He plays relentlessly, never gives up on
GoDuke Weekly
when the Tweed-Kents joined the team last Both possess a strong left foot and an
any play,’’ said Kerr, who rates McDaniel as an
The official online magazine of Duke Athletics
spring as walk-ons. attack mentalilty, which is what Kerr said im-
All-ACC candidate. “You know what you are
“I didn’t know who was who,’’ Kerr said. pressed him during the recruiting process.
going to get everyday in every practice and
Managing Editors Jon Jackson
“They ran similiar and had similiar mannerisms. Each enjoyed stellar prep careers at Plano,
every game. That’s something a coach appreci-
Matt Plizga
After four months I kind of figured them out.” Texas, leading their team to the State 5A cham-
Michael Tomko
Until Kerr could tell the Tweed-Kents apart, pionship. Ryan, a captain, spearheaded a defi-
“We’ve always stressed fitness and being
Contributors Ben Blevins, Lindy Brown
he called both “Clark” -- as in Clark Kent, who ant defense that recorded 21 shutouts during
able to run,’’ added Austin, a junior midfielder
Art Chase, Chris Cook
played Superman. the title season and Christian won MVP honors
who contributes off the bench.
Meredith Rieder, John Roth
“All the time we fool people,’’ Christopher in the State finals.
Asked about how the two differ, Austin
Colin Small, Ashley Wolf
said, flashing an impish grin. “People call us They could have gone to programs closer
quipped: “I’m much better looking,” provoking
Design Chris Cook
‘T.K.’ You can’t tell who [really] knows you.” home, but Christian said: “We wanted to play
a wry grin from Ryan.
Brad Jones
Daniel said they had teachers who never at the top level.”
Looks or talent, that the McDaniels are
Matt Plizga
figured out who was who. But he added their “They are promising, but have a little ways
playing for the Blue Devils is no surprise. Their
Lance Thomas
looks didn’t baffle girlfriends. to go,’’ Kerr said.. “They are younger than fresh-
parents -- dad, David, a four-year letterman and
Staff Writers A.J. Carr
Both are 5-9 and weigh 145 pounds. They men for their grade.”
teammate of Kerr’s -- and mother, Cristy, are
both Duke graduates.
Al Featherston
room together, major in mechanical engineer-
Barry Jacobs
ing, sing and play the piano, and enjoy many BIG MAC
Throughout sports history, there have been
Jim Sumner
of the same foods, notably steak and coffee ice On this Blue Devils’ team, Ryan McDaniel
numerous other brother acts. And sibiling rival-
Michael Tomko
cream. is The big brother, so to speak.
ries have been well documented, dating back
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They also are members of the campus A durable, senior starter at center midfield,
to Cain and Abel of Biblical times.
Habitat Club, helping build medical devices for he logged 1,383 minutes in Duke’s 12-4 start,
But these sets of brothers are close, and
Letters to the editor and general feedback:
Third World countries. always moving with a revved up motor.
they’ve brought an extra dimension to the Duke
soccer family.
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