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Get to know... Emily Sherrard
What is on your bucket list?
I want to ski on every continent, except Africa because I do not think
Hometown: Hopewell, N.J. Height: 5-4
there are any places to ski. In lieu of skiing, I want to go on an African
safari and see wild giraffes, my favorite animal.
What do you watch on TV?
I don’t have cable, so I watch shows online mostly. The shows I keep up
What is your favorite video game?
with are Greek, Glee and House. I also own all 10 seasons of Friends
I am not too big into video games. I am not very good, but really competi-
and have seen every episode multiple times.
tive and I do not enjoy losing at Mario Kart every time I play. If I had to pick
a favorite it would be Guitar Hero World Tour or American Idol, but only
What do you have in your iPod before a race?
the vocals since singing is all I can do, and even that is questionable.
Before races I listen to a somewhat eclectic mix of songs from Taylor

Swift to Kanye, and John Mayer to Queen. My race playlist must haves
What is your favorite home cooked meal?
are “I Want to Break Free” and “Don’t Stop Me Now,” by Queen, The
I love everything home cooked so it is hard for me to pick one favorite.
Beatles “Revolution,” Taylor Swift “Fearless” and The Killers “All These
Jambalaya, butternut squash risotto and sweet potato casserole are at
Things That I Have Done.”
the top of my list though.

What is your favorite movie?
What would your dream job be?
Miracle, the movie about the 1980 US Olympic Hockey Team, it is very
I want to be a family physician working in a community-based practice
moving and inspirational.
where I can see all types of patients from infants to the elderly. I would
love to see entire families and how they grow and change over time. I
Who would you trade places for a day with?
also want to take every opportunity I have to provide medical care to
Paula Dean on the Food Network, so I can make and eat lots of good
underserved communities both in the United States and abroad.
southern cooking.
Get to know... Andrew Clark
What is your favorite video game?
Probably Call of Duty 4. Me and my roommates get together before we
Hometown: Owings Mills, Md. Event: Distance Free
have practice in the mornings and play for a couple of hours. It is on
Playstation 3.
What do you watch on TV?
Entourage, House, Southpark, usually just stuff that is pretty mindless
What is your favorite home-cooked meal?
to get myself away from the stress of school.
Thanksgiving dinner with mashed potatoes, stuffing, and turkey.
What do you listen to on your iPod before a meet?
Who is the best cook in your family?
Probably something that is pretty loud to get my adrenaline up. Maybe
I would probably have to say my mom. I recently started attempting to
Jay-Z or Lil’ Wayne.
cook so maybe I will give her a run for her money later.
What is your favorite movie?
Who would you trade places with for a day?
Probably Old School or anything with Will Ferrell in it.
Ari Gold so I could live the life that he lives on Entourage.
What was your first job?
What other sport would you like to play?
Life guard.
Was it at a beach or a pool?
What other sports did you play growing up?
Pool, I had to always be near the pool so that I could have practice
Water polo, tennis, a little bit of baseball but only until I was 10, a little
bit of golf.
What do you like to read?
What was your first car?
Usually I like to read sports books about famous athletes. I guess their
It was a Volvo. Passed down from my mom.
path to success.
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