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Inventux managed to raise the electricity yield to 9
The Americans will present their product
per cent. This reduced cost perspective is to
generate efficiencies of scale by larger output
portfolio at solarpeq 2010 and
quantities and additional improvements to
generate higher efficiency. the concurrently held glasstec,
Company spokesman Mr. Thorsten Ronge said:
the world’s leading trade fair of the
“We want to reach ten per cent of efficiency by
2010”. To bring this about, Inventux works on
glass-making sector at which firms
process optimisation but the company also
benefits from innovation results of Oerlikon Solar,
will also exhibit solar applications
its component suppliers, from which Inventux buys
its coating equipment. Ms. Jeannine Sargent, the
CEO of Oerlikon Solar, promises that by the end of Crystalline modules shining with efficiency
2010 Oerlikon-made machinery shall be in a All signs are then switched to growth in the thin-
position to manufacture these new tandem film sector. But is quite open how many
modules at USD 0.70 (about € 0.50), halving manufacturers will reach their ambitious extension
present costs. and manufacturing targets within the time
schedules quoted. Delays are quite frequent: It
Applied Materials, a US-based equipment builder very often takes many years for a technology to be
comes with similar plans. This company also offers transferred into series production. It calls for the
complete turnkey production lines for making development of appropriate industrial processes
modules out of thin-film silicon. Mr. Christopher for manufacturing and much money must be
Beitel, head of its thin-film division said: “We are invested into research and testing. First Solar, for
optimistic that we can present solutions with instance, needed exactly ten years to
manufacturing costs of below USD 1 very shortly”. commercialise its modules. CIS manufacturer
The Americans will present their product portfolio Wuerth Solar worked for seven years on optimising
at solarpeq 2010 and the concurrently held its technology on a pilot line, before being able of Compulsory disguise:
glasstec, the world’s leading trade fair of the glass- launching series production in 2007. Dirt brings down
making sector at which firms will also exhibit solar efficiency. Thin-film cell
applications. These products will also include its Newcomers in the thin-film sector do not have manufacturing
SunFab thin-film line. much time to present their products for series therefore requires
production. This is because their competitors from clean room
Issue V 2009
Nanosolar, another US-based company, comes the crystalline sector are also spending great technologies.
with even more ambitious plans. This firm efforts on developing new technologies: (Source: Oerlikon
developed a manufacturing technology in the efficiencies go up and costs are falling. It is Solar)
process of which minute nano particles of copper,
indium, gallium, selenium and probably sulphur
will be printed on sheeting material using the roll-
to-roll process. Using this innovative printing
technology, the Americans want to bring down
costs to USD 0.30 up to USD 0.35 (€ 0.22 up to €
0.25) – which is about one third of the
manufacturing cost of First Solar, the leading
company in the sector.
Mr. Erik Oldekop, the spokesman of Nanosolar
said: “We are capable of coating large areas within
very short cycle times”. The factories have already
been built and series production is about to take
off. Nanosolar wants to manufacture its cells in a
430 MW plant in San José, California. These will
then be processed into circuit modules at
Luckenwalde near Berlin.
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