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stitute for environment and Human Security. pendent_reviews/stern_review_economics_climate_
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Almeria Statement (1994): The Almeria Statement Le-delta-du-Nil-menace-par-les-eaux#forum
on Desertification and Migration, Statement following
the International Symposium on Desertification and Mi- . Author’s notes from presentation of Ihab Shaalan dur-
grations, Almeria, 8-11 February, June 08 2009,(www. ing the workshop “Participatory Assessment of Environ- ment and Security issues in the Southern Mediterranean
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Friends of the Earth (2007): A citizen’s guide to cli- . In September the world watched a dramatic spectacle
mate refugees, Friends of the Earth, Australia, (www. unfolding as thousands of would-be immigrants from all’s%20Guide_2007_small.pdf). over Africa charged barbed wire fences surrounding the
International Federation of Red Cross and Red Cres- Spanish enclaves of Ceuta and Melilla in a desperate attempt
cent Societies (2003): World Disasters Report: Focus on to enter Europe. In several incidents some immigrants were
Ethics in Aid, December, Geneva,( shot dead. In another, they were rounded up, put in trucks,
publicat/wdr2003). and shipped off and left in the desert with no food, water,
IPCC (2007):,Working Group II Contribution to the or shelter. These events highlight the growing need for the
Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Fourth As- European Union to not only confront the issue of immigrant
sessment Report, Climate Change Impacts, Adaptation, human rights, but make it a priority. Extract from Peace and
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Emergent Security Issue, Organisation for Security and . Different estimates put fall in oil consumption to be
Cooperation in Europe, ( around 10% as a result of the current economic crisis.
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