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ration of prana and various pranayama techniques
wedNeSday, SepteMBer 23
practice. $390/20 CECs. Southwestern College,
for consciously directing this energetic life-force 3960 San Felipe Rd, Santa Fe. Registration: 505-
to enhance your practice and your life. $15 /
Complimentary Mini Facials – 2-6pm. Enjoy
471-5756, ex. 25.
$12 for Nob Hill Yoga members. Nob Hill Yoga
a complimentary mini-facial using Pharmaca’s
Moving Truth: Wisdom Beyond Words – 6-9pm.
Center, 4118-A Central Ave SE, Albuquerque.
natural skin care products with Pamela Rogers,
Saturday & Sunday: 9am–5:30pm. This workshop
Pharmaca esthetician. By appointment. Free.
Pharmaca Integrative Pharmacy, 8910 Holly Ave.,
will explore three forms of movement to access our
Joyful Movement – 2-4pm. Learn a unique,
NE, Albuquerque. 505-796-0387.
body wisdom: Authentic Movement, Continuum
joyful movement meditation and give your inner and Dance Therapy to develop our ability to express
being expression in every moment. Domo Geshe
Healing from the Source of Compassion –
our deepest inner experience. Theory and clinical
Rinpoche will guide you in allowing your move-
7-8:30pm. This teaching is beneficial for profes-
application will be covered. Dress comfortably,
ments to flow forth from your inner self. No dancing
sional healers and those seeking healing. In the
bring a yoga mat and blankets. $390/20 CECs.
skills needed to join in this dance of the real free
flurry to gain knowledge and collect techniques,
Southwestern College, 3960 San Felipe Rd, Santa
spirit. Wear comfortable clothing. Donation $25.
many healers forget that health and balance are
Fe. Registration: 505-471-5756, ex. 25.
The Celebration, NEA bldg Botulph Rd, Santa
the foundation of their healing abilities. With
¡Globalquerque! 2009 – 6pm. New Mexico’s 5th
Fe. 505-820-6086.
Domo Geshe Rinpoche. Learn to remove outdated
strategies so that self-healing compassion can arise.
Annual Celebration of World Music & Culture.
Suggested Donation: $15. 690 County Rd. 142,
Multi stage festival with a myriad of international
MoNday, SepteMBer 21
Abiquiu. 505-927-4661.
performers join New Mexico’s varied cultural
traditions, plus food and crafts from around the
world. Tickets: $15-$60. National Hispanic
Cultural Center, 1701 4
St. SW, Albuquerque.
DaY oF peaCe
thurSday, SepteMBer 24
Evening of Exploration – 6:30-9pm. The Acad-
Medical Massage: Upper Extremities – 6–9:30pm.
emy for the Love of Learning hosts a workshop into
First of four sessions. Mon. & Wednesdays. This
what is behind the ‘love of learning.’ Learn more
course is for the massage therapist who wants to
Saturday, SepteMBer 26
about the workshop and be introduced to the learn-
take their practice into the clinical setting. Taught
ing model and one of the methods central to their
¡Globalquerque! 2009 – Day family events. 6pm.
by Vicki Hawse, LMT, RMTI. $210. Pre-register.
work. Through an interactive dialogue explore how
performance. New Mexico’s 5th Annual Celebra-
NM Academy of Healing Arts, 501 Franklin Ave.,
learning can lead to personal transformation. Free.
tion of World Music & Culture. Multi stage festival
Santa Fe. 505-982-6271.
Academy for the Love of Learning, 1012 Marquez
with a myriad of international performers join New
Pl 308A, Santa Fe. Information: 505-995-1860.
Mexico’s varied cultural traditions, plus food and
crafts from around the world. Free day program-
tueSday, SepteMBer 22
ming on Saturday for families and adults, including
eQUinoX –
Friday, SepteMBer 25
workshops on music and folklore, crafts, and live
performances. Tickets: $15-$60. National Hispanic
First Day of autumn
Cultural Center, 1701 4
St. SW, Albuquerque.
Fall Equinox Women’s Ceremony – 6-7:30pm.
Basic DNA ThetaHealing Certification – 10am- 505-232-9868.
Gather with Harmony Rose West and a circle of
6pm. First of 3-day workshop with Debbie Steg. .
Reflexology I: An Introduction to Reflexology ñ
women as we celebrate the changing of the seasons.
Introduces basic techniques needed to commence
9am–6pm. First day of two-day class. This founda-
Free. All females are welcome. Dress in layers and
working as a ThetaHealing practitioner. Suggested
tion course will introduce you to the history, theory,
bring drums and rattles and a blanket to sit on. Herb
reading: ThetaHealing by Vianna Stibal before
Martinez Park on Camino Carlos Rey (across from
workshop. $500. Santa Fe Soul Health & Healing
Camino Chueco), Santa Fe. 505-473-2780.
Center, 2905 Rodeo Park Drive East, Bldg. 3, Santa
Fe. 505-920-7141.
Medicine Buddha – Introduction and Empow-
erment – 7-8:30pm. In Buddhism, the practice
Ethical, Legal,and Professional Issues in Death
most sought after by healers, and those seeking
& Dying – 5-9:30pm. Saturday & Sunday: 9:30am–
success means we
healing, is that of Lord Medicine Buddha. This
5:30pm. Class presents legal and ethical issues in
incomparable practice gradually develops healing
death and dying. Topics include ethical principles, go to sleep at night
capacity within the practitioner that can be used for
confidentiality, informed consent, legal tools for
healing of self and others. Domo Geshe Rinpoche
planning, professional and ethical codes, funerals
knowing that our
will give transmission and beginning commentary.
and special issues with HIV/AIDS. Participants
Donation: $15.690 County Rd. 142, Abiquiu.
identify ethical issues affecting their professional
talents and abilities
were used in a way
that served others.
- Marianne Williamson
28 Northern & Central New Mexico
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