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2009 Annual General Meeting
Elections to Council and awards of prizes and medals are announced at the
2009 AGM, which was followed by the presidents address.
The President opens the 2009 AGM at RINA
S W Boyd for his paper Co-Cured Structural
Steel-Composite Joints for Deck to Superstructure
W H C Nicholas Prize
(best paper on a design related topic by an
author under the age of 30)
D Lafforgue for his paper The Hydrodynamic
and Dynamic Motion Analysis of a Damaged
David Goodrich Prize
(best paper presented at the annual Warships
he 2009 Annual General Meeting W Everard+
and a Special General Meeting J Jeremy+ Simon D Binns for his paper Meeting The
were held at the Institution’s Members Current Challenge Of Designing High Capability
Headquarters on 30 Apr 2009. P Gueleni+ SSKs.
R Buchan+
Resolutions Samuel Baxter Prize
The following Resolutions were passed at Graduate Members (best paper on a safety related topic by an
the Annual General Meeting: R Spink author under the age of 30)
Resolution 1 - To re-elect Mr S Payne Institution medals and prizes R Pawling for his paper Integrating Personnel
as President The following medals and prizes were Movement Simulation Into Preliminary Ship
presented at the AGM: Design.
Resolution 2 - To re-elect Mr A Marsh
as Treasurer Institution Medal of Distinction Small Craft Group Medal
(for papers published in the 2008 The 2008 Small Craft Group Medal was
Resolution 3 – To elect haysmacintyre Transactions) awarded to Andrew Claughton, for his
as the Institution’s auditors for 2009 significant and continuing contribution to yacht
R A Cartwright, P A Wilson, A F research.
Elections to Council Molland and , D J Taunton for their
The following members were elected/ paper A Low Wash Design for a River Treasurer’s Report to the AGM
re-elected+ to Council in 2009: Patrol Craft with Minimal Environmental The following report was made at the AGM
Impact. by the Chief Executive on behalf of the
Vice-Presidents Treasurer:
D J Andrews+ I H G Parry for his paper Development “The summarised Statement of Financial
D Aldwinckle of a New Generation of Inland Waterways Affairs for the year ending 30 September 2008
Maintenance Craft for the British is published with the Annual Report of Council,
Fellows Waterways Narrow Beam Canal System. forwarded with the April issue of RINA Affairs.
R Birmingham The full version of the Accounts is available
N P Pattison Wakeham Prize from the Chief Executive and online.
IKAP Utama+ (Best general paper by an author under Income in 2007/8 was £2.94m, compared
M d’Amico+ the age of 30) to £2.56m in 2006/7, whilst expenditure in
2 Rina affairs June 2009
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