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Park Profile

It says something about
the scope and quality of its
mid the volcanic rocks, fishermen’s houses less maintenance too. A few manufacturers have now
and wooden facades of the new area, a web used this technique, but I can’t think of many that
existing attractions that of blue steel appears on the horizon. Blue Fire have done an LSM launch with a train (rather than
Europa-Park hasn’t felt the Megacoaster is its name and like many other individual cars).”
need to add a looping attractions at Europa-Park it was constructed by Mack The system used by Mack was developed in
rollercoaster until now. But Rides in nearby Waldkirch. Munich by magnetic brake specialist InTraSys and
finally, the German park As part of both the park and the manufacturer’s provides an acceleration of 0-100km/h in 2.5
near Freiburg has relented founding family, Michael Mack has played a seconds. Nevertheless, “the launch itself is not
and installed a ride with a significant role in conception and realisation of the aggressive,” says Michael, much like the loop that
loop …and a launch. In new coaster. Responsible for strategic business follows: “If you remember the old loops, they were
the process the European- development and park operations at Europa-Park, he like a circle and not so nice to ride, this is more like
themed park has also is also a Mack Rides director. an egg, it’s much smoother.”
added a new country for According to Michael, there are a few reasons why To reach the new ride, guests must make their way
guests to explore. Owen it has taken so long to produce a looping coaster. to Iceland via the Portugal or Scandinavia themed
Ralph visits Iceland “For many years, Mack was seen as a manufacturer sections of the park. When they arrive in the new
of travelling rides, and then water rides,” he notes. area they are greeted by volcanic rocks and other
“Now the technology has changed, our production theming reminiscent of Europe’s most northerly
methods have changed, and the crowd in the park country. “We chose Iceland before they had the
has changed; it is a little bit younger. All these are banking crisis,” smiles Michael. “We thought it would
reasons why now was the right time to do a ride with be a good fit next to Norway and the other
a loop.” Scandinavian countries represented in the park; it
The launch element, however, had been at the was just logical. We hope there will be one or two
back of Michael’s mind for several years. In that more rides there eventually.”
time, several other manufacturers have come to the
market with launched coasters. This has given Mack European Expansion
Rides time to consider which system would best suit Together with Portugal, home to the Atlantica
the needs of the park. SuperSplash water coaster, Iceland represents a
“Most rides on the market are hydraulic or whole portion of the park that simply didn’t exist just
pneumatic launches,” observes Michael. “We wanted a few years ago. The new country is the latest of 13
to be the first to build a launch coaster with LSM themed areas and represents part of a 15-hectare
[linear synchronous motors]. Hydraulic systems were expansion announced last summer which, when
messy, the oil could get too hot, with LSM there is no complete, will increase the size of the park by almost
contact because we are using magnets, so it requires 20% from its existing 70-hectares.
JUNE 2009
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