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NAVY NEWS, MAY 2009 41
Rapid-fi re
for hosts
A GROUP of 20 cadets and staff
from Stowe School visited HMS
Collingwood to learn more about
the Royal Navy.
On arrival, the party from
Buckinghamshire were welcomed
by Lt Kevin Miller and given
a guided tour of the weapon
engineering training unit.
The visitors were impressed by
the discipline and professionalism
of personnel at the Fareham
training establishment.
They were particularly impressed
by the speed of operation of the
automatic 4.5in gun.
And they were almost blown
away by the power of the air-
shot from the magazine-launched
● POC Dean Englefi eld
torpedo system unit.
Some cadets became caught up
in a discussion on the differences 20-year
and relative advantages of the
Phalanx and Goalkeeper close-in
● WALTON unit cadets organised their own event for Comic Relief, and raised some serious money in the process. LC Ben Chandler and
weapon systems, and their hosts
POC Harry Adams took on the challenge of planning the day’s activities, including face painting, car washing, a cake stall and hot food. Radio
station Coastal FM provided entertainment throughout the day. CO S/Lt Gary Dodd said the whole event was set up and run by the cadets
wait is
were happy to answer questions
which went way beyond the usual
with little involvement from unit staff. “It is very pleasing to see, with a little encouragement, how young people have the ability to work on
polite enquiries and standard tour
their own initiative,” he said. “As a training exercise, I would have been happy to break even, but for the cadets to raise a staggering £700
for charity is just amazing.”
over for
Unit honours
AFTER a wait of two decades
Basildon unit TS Nautilus has a
new petty officer cadet.
POC Dean Englefield has
recently been awarded his gold
badges after attending a POC
lost destroyer
Board where he achieved a pass
with credit.
During the Petty Officer
Board candidates were assessed
in a number of different
elements, including drill and
ceremonial, practical leadership
tasks, delivering a 15-minute
NORTHAMPTON and of Sicily, she helped force U-223 in all, including some who had
presentation and knowledge of the
Wellingborough cadets have
to the surface on March 30 1944. travelled from Rotherham,
Sea Cadet Corps.
played a prominent role in
The German vessel was pounded Loughborough, Leicester and
This marks the pinnacle of any
commemorations for the loss
by gunfire from four British Hinckley, and they were inspected
cadet’s career in the Corps, and
warships, but before she succumbed by Admiral John Roberts, the CO
of HMS Laforey.
is something Dean has worked
she fired a salvo of torpedoes, one of HMS Ark Royal in the 1970s.
The L-class destroyer,
very hard to accomplish over the
of which hit Laforey. The Northampton unit
commissioned in mid-1941,
Only 65 of her ship’s company presented Admiral Roberts with
was affiliated to the town of
Dean, who is currently studying
of almost 250 survived, being a certificate of appreciation for
Northampton, a considerable part
for his A-levels, hopes to join the
plucked from the sea alongside his long-term support of the unit
of the wartime cost of £700,000-
Royal Navy as an officer.
survivors of the U-boat by the stretching back over two decades.
plus having been raised locally.
other Allied warships. The admiral was joined by HMS
Laforey, the lead-ship of
The cadets of TS Laforey and Laforey survivor Stan Brow (84),
her class, saw plenty of action,
TS Diamond trained throughout who now lives in South Australia
● LC Maria Hoyles (with sword) and High Sheriff of Shropshire Anne
including assisting the doomed
Gee with ATC Cdt Sgt Zac Hampton (left) and ACF Cdt C/Sgt Maj
the weekend to form a ceremonial and had travelled to Northampton
aircraft carrier HMS Ark Royal in
Catherine Mulloy (sword bearers)
guard to parade the Laforey for the event.
the Mediterranean in November
Colour. Seven of the unit’s boats –
1941, doing the same for the Kettering unit’s marching band six bought under grant – are to
Maria responsible
Eagle in the summer of 1942 and a 26-strong Colour Guard led be named after survivors of the
and bombarding landing sites in the parade, getting through a good sinking, including John Farmer,
party from
Europe and North Africa. deal of training to achieve the high who died last year; another,
for bearing sword
She met her end when, on an standard required. Sharkey Ward, died just before
anti-submarine patrol to the north Some 150 Sea Cadets paraded Christmas.
TS Norfolk
Rushden cadets have been
Future looks brighter...
helping in their community by
ROUNDING off a year of
PROTOCOL dictates that the they were pleased to take up the spending a day clearing litter –
celebrations, the cadets of Great
current High Sheriff of Shropshire invitation. part of the local council initiative
Yarmouth took advantage of a
should not carry her own sword. The ceremonials started at MEMBERS of the Burnley, have meant that buildings used by to improve the environment.
civic occasion to visit a warship in
That honour falls to one of the Beacon Rooms at Ludlow Pendle and Rossendale unit the Sea Cadets for accommodation And a group of cadets joined
the town’s harbour.
her three cadet assistants – and Castle then paraded down to St
Great Yarmouth has been
undertook a sponsored walk which require emergency lighting and,
colleagues from Lincoln unit at a
protocol dictated that the role of Laurence’s Church, Ludlow, for
marking the 800th anniversary
raised more than £500 towards to be able to continue to offer
training weekend at RAF Cranwell
sword bearer should fall to the the service itself.
of the granting of a charter by
new lighting for their HQ. activities for our cadets, we are
in preparation for the National
Senior Service. When it was over, everyone
King John, making the town a free
Unit staff and members of the actively seeking funding for this
Drill Championships, held at
Thus it was that LC Maria headed for afternoon tea at the
Hoyles, of Telford unit, took a Harley Centre.
RBL joined the cadets on their lighting to be fitted.
HMS Raleigh last month.
And minehunter HMS
leading role in the High Sheriff Mrs Gee subsequently wrote
walk from the TS Lookout HQ “The Sea Cadets are not funded
And as Navy News went to
press, the unit was preparing for its
Hurworth was one of the main
of Shropshire’s Legal Service in to LC Hoyles to thank her for
in Burnley to St John’s Methodist by the Ministry of Defence and
annual Easter camp at Thrapston,
attractions in the final bean-feast
Thanksgiving for the Queen’s her efforts, noting that “everyone
Church in Colne. are a charity, which means that
where 30 youngsters will spend a
– the first Royal Navy vessel to
Peace and Our Heritage. was impressed by your steady and
Their aim is to raise the £2,000 we have to raise money for the
week power boating, sailing and
visit in 13 years, according to the
High Sheriff Mrs Anne Gee calm performance.
needed to fit emergency lighting emergency lighting ourselves.”
windsurfing – half of them having
invited a cadet from each Service “You really were a splendid
in the Sea Cadet building. The cadets were supported by rowed 21 miles to get there as part With a major parade in the
to take part, and as TS Wrekin representative of the Telford Sea CO S/Lt Liz Jubb said: the RBL, St John Ambulance and of their Duke of Edinburgh Award
offing, it seemed sensible for
is the only unit in the county, Cadets – well done.” “Recently, changes in legislation the methodist church. expedition.
the cadets of TS Norfolk to take
part, particularly as the unit
Frank exchanges at charity cabaret night
was celebrating its own 70th
The weekend started with a
parade through Great Yarmouth
CADETS from Whitehaven unit met been received at fairly short notice there Quay, led by the band of TS
legendary comedian Frank Carson at was never any question about supporting Fearless Marine Cadets, followed
Cleator Moor Celtic Football Club when the event. by the ship’s company of HMS
the 82-year-old trouper was booked for an “It is a pleasure and a privilege for us to Hurworth and cadets from TS
appearance. attend events such as this,” he said. Norfolk.
The sell-out cabaret evening, in which “Many of the veterans have become On the Sunday, staff and cadets
Frank topped the bill, had been organised firm friends and our cadets really do enjoy from the unit were invited by
as a fundraising event.
meeting with them.
the minehunter’s Commanding
But in a typical show of generosity, a group
“In fact, so many of our cadets volunteer
Officer, Lt Cdr Charles Maynard,
of World War 2 veterans from the local area
to help that we have to draw lots to choose
to tour the ship, a trip which
were invited to attend as the club’s guests.
who can go.”
ended with the minehunter’s
“We knew it was going to be a busy
Since his first appearance on television,
Navigating Officer presenting TS
evening, so we asked the Sea Cadets if they
Frank Carson has established himself as one
Norfolk with a White Ensign.
would come along to look after the veterans
of the country’s most popular comedians.
Great Yarmouth’s First
for us,” said organiser Les Mitchell.
His tireless work for many charities and
Lieutenant, PO Richardson, said:
“The cadets have supported our Veterans’
good causes was recognised in 1987 when
“It is always exciting to see a
Evenings for the past two years and, to us,
the Pope knighted Frank into the Order of
warship in Great Yarmouth, and
were the obvious choice to act as hosts
St Gregory in a private audience in Rome.
the cadet unit was only too happy,
to this very special group of ladies and and extremely proud and excited,
gentlemen.” to take part in the celebrations.● Cadets and staff from Whitehaven
Whitehaven CO Lt (SCC) Peter Lucas unit meet Frank Carson at Cleator Moor “It was also a fitting finish to
RNR said that although the invitation had Celtic Football Club. our own 70th anniversary events.”
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