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NAVY NEWS, MAY 2009 27
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■ THE chaplain of RNR unit
HMS Eaglet, Rev John Williams,
A tale of two
has been awarded the Citizen
of Honour award by Liverpool
City Council. The priest was
specifically given the award in
recognition of his outstanding
contribution to the community
and his 30 years as a RN
chaplain at HMS Eaglet.
■ CPO Nathan Geddes, HMS
Cattistock’s Deputy Marine
AFTER nine weeks basic
Engineer Offi cer, has been
training, trainee sailor
awarded the Trafalgar Prize from
the University of Portsmouth as the
Michael Sandbrook is proud
best RN undergraduate student.
to stand beside his father
He graduated last year with a fi rst-
PO Michael Sandbrook as
class BSc degree in Engineering serving members of the
and Management, and served as Royal Navy at HMS Raleigh.
a champion of the course at HMS The elder Michael – better
Sultan, increasing the number of known by a classic form of Naval
● Culdrose-based air crew enjoy a taste of home from home with
entrants to the scheme during his nickname as ‘Sandy’ – is himself
pasty celebrations of St Piran’s Day
time in post. serving at HMS Raleigh as an
instructor at the RN Submarine
Oggy Oggy Oggy ■ IN recognition of his time
as commanding officer of HMS
Victory, Lt Cdr John Scivier
Sandy signed up back in 1983
has been awarded the William
and as a communications specialist
J Diffley award by the Historic
has served on boats and ashore in Joy Joy Joy
Naval Ships Association. The
London and Gibraltar; and 26
award honours directors of HNSA
years on he has seen his son follow
TRADITIONAL Cornish Cornish ingredients wherever
Fleet Member organisations who
in his footsteps.
celebrations of St Piran were possible, brought them a little
have contributed significantly to
He said: “This is my second
carried overseas by the Cornish- taste of home and that they
the success of their museums –
time as an instructor at the
based men and women of 820 enjoyed having some real Cornish
and Lt Cdr Scivier is the first UK
Submarine School and it’s a great
NAS on board HMS Ocean. food on St Piran’s Day.”
Despite the Mediterranean
The citation recognises his
“I get a great sense of
environment, Cornwall was there
innovation, enthusiasm, drive
achievement and pride seeing
in force when a Cornish bakery
Falklands men
and commitment in ‘ensuring
ratings that I have taught at Able
donated a stack of pasties to 820 THREE comrades from the Falk-
this world-renowned icon of
Seaman level return for their
NAS and Ocean to give sailors on lands War met on board HMS ● Trainee sailor Michael Sandbrook and his father PO Michael
maritime heritage remained in
Leading Hand or Petty Officer
‘Sandy’ Sandbrook at HMS Raleigh Picture: Dave Sherfield board a taste of home. Cornwall during her visit to
the forefront of national and
promotion course. And in true Cornish style the Avonmouth. The programme for
world attention’. Lt Cdr Scivier
“I have thoroughly enjoyed my camaraderie between the lads the next few months, as Sandy pasties were served to celebrate St the weekend was driven by Cdre
stressed that the award was
time in the Royal Navy and seeing throughout my course. Training is jetting south to New Zealand Piran’s Day – to general shipboard Jamie Miller as Naval Regional
achieved due to “the dedication
my son pass out of HMS Raleigh was the first phase of the rest of where he will spend four months appreciation. St Piran is closely Commander for Wales and West-
of a wonderful’s ship’s
and carry on the family tradition my life. working with the Royal New connected with Cornwall, and is ern England, on board he was met
was a very proud moment for “I’ve got a long way to go Zealand Navy within the Long the patron saint of tin-miners. by the ship’s EWO WO1 Trev
me.” to achieve my goal of eventually Look exchange programme. Paul Pearce from Rowe’s Bakery Trevarthen with whom he served
■ OFFICER Lt David Brannighan
The younger Michael is now becoming a pilot officer, but I’m And it isn’t just father and said: “We were delighted to be in HMS Coventry. The evening
has been awarded the 2008
at HMS Collingwood further looking forward to the challenges son who could be found toiling able to donate some traditional reception brought Cdre Ron
Goodenough prize in recognition
following his father’s path as a ahead.” at Raleigh, mother Katrina Cornish fare for the squadron Warwick RNR who was Chief
of his performance on an Initial
communications specialist. Michael probably wishes works at the Torpoint training personnel from RNAS Culdrose Offi cer on the QE2 which brought
Warfare Offi cers course at the
He said: “I really enjoyed he could follow in his father’s establishment for contractor to enjoy whilst on deployment. them home after the Coventry was
Maritime Warfare School at HMS
weapons training and the footsteps a little more closely over Sodexo. “We hope the food, made with sunk by Argentine aircraft.
Lt Brannighan, now training
at the RN Submarine School at
Raleigh, said: “It was a complete
surprise to receive the prize,
Burglar brought
particularly given the calibre of
my colleagues on course.
“I am honoured to receive it and
I’m looking forward to putting my
training into practice on board my to book by RM
first submarine.”
The Goodenough prize was A BURGLAR made a big mistake burglar to get on the floor and not
founded in memory of Capt J when he broke into a house in move. However he told me in no
C Goodenough who died from Barnstaple... uncertain terms he was leaving
poison arrow wounds in Santa Next door Royal Marine Cpl and then lunged towards me.”
Cruz in 1875. Adam Rundle was enjoying a The burglar continued to kick,
break at home with his father punch and issue threats as he was
■ A LYNX helicopter Flight from
815 NAS at RNAS Yeovilton
Malcolm when their neighbour bundled to the ground.
has been awarded the Sopwith
came knocking to say that he Cpl Rundle, a seasoned veteran
Pup Trophy for 2007-08. 202
could see a torchlight shining of Afghanistan, Iraq and Kosovo,
Flight, commanded by Lt Cdr
through his own frontdoor. said: ‘For me it’s just one of those
Spike Milligan, on board HMS
Cpl Rundle stood waiting at things.”
Manchester made a significant
the front door while his father and His father Malcolm said: “The
contribution to the ship’s
neighbour crept around the back word hero is over-used. The lads
deployment within a US Carrier
to gain entry to the kitchen. in Afghanistan are heroes, we are
A security light came on and just good neighbours.”
the burglar fled through the The subsequent case saw Steven
■ AFTER 26 years continuous front door, into the path of Cpl Hommell sentenced at Exeter
service at RNAS Culdrose (the Rundle. Crown Court to 45 months in
last 16 years as a cleaner in the Cpl Rundle said: “I told the prison for burglary.
Air Traffi c Control Tower), Carol
Prior has retired with the award
of the 2008 Sodexo Regional
Star Cleaner Award, which was
presented to her by Cdr David
Cunningham at a ceremony in
the Tower watched by most of the
Control Tower staff.
■ AND finally, a mention of
WO1 AEM(R) Paul Togneri, who
retired at the end of April from
RAF Wittering after 33 years of
service in the Royal Navy.
CPO Peter ‘Dogs’ Barker
said: “This year marks the 100th
anniversary of Naval aviation,
and WO1 Paul Togneri has
been at its foundations for a
third of its history. As one of
our tokens of gratitude, we are
secretly going to be paying for
● Nina explains submarines to her young audience for BBC TV
two years’ subsciption to Navy
children’s programme Nina and the Neurons
News so that he will not miss us
all too much.
“A few words to tie in with Neuronic Nina visits
this will be quite a surprise for
him and would be appreciated
by the entire Navy contingent up
submarine experts
here who are sorry to see an end
CLYDE Naval Base welcomed a BBC fi lm crew for popular CBeebies
to ‘Big Brother’ and will miss
kids’ show Nina and the Neurons.
him dearly.”
Nina – real name Katrina Bryan – was joined by three children to film
for an episode called ‘Get wet’, and they visited the NATO Submarine
Rescue System.
in br
Cdr Jonty Powis (Retd) and his team offered a warm welcome to the
BBC crew, explaining how the submarine works and allowing them to
film around the specialist rescue craft.
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