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From January 10-22, I accompanied Asia Pacific Baptist Federation (APBF) president
and Baptist World Alliance (BWA) vice president Chu Wood-Ping on a trip visiting
member bodies in India.
We visited places and members which are among the least known and least visited –
viz. the Maharashtra Baptist Society, Baptist Union of North India, Lower Assam Baptist
Union, Garo Baptist Convention, Assam Baptist Convention, Karbi Anglong Baptist
Convention, etc. We also visited some grassroots missionaries and heard their stories.
The dynamism and zeal with which many of these groups are working and planting
churches and spreading the good news were amazing to hear. One church in Delhi,
Emmanuel Baptist Church, has planted 33 new churches in the last 20 years! Missionaries
from Nagaland working in the junction of India/China/Nepal and Bangladesh have planted
more than 100 new churches in the past 20 years!
Garo Baptists are sending missionaries to Sudan, Africa! Karbi Baptists are sending
volunteer evangelists (no salary except for food allowance) who are bringing hundreds to
Christ every year.
BWA Director Fausto Vasconcelos visited some of these groups in December 2007
and they cherish the great fellowship they had with him.
One also realizes that it means so much for these Baptists to be a part of the larger body
of Christ. They take great pride in being a member of the APBF and the BWA!
— Bonny Resu, BWA Regional Secretary for the Asia Pacific Region

Photo: A Baptist church in Hyderabad

Baptist World Alliance General Secretary Neville Callam met with the international
leadership of the Seventh Day Adventist Church on Wednesday, March 11.
The meeting took place to affirm both the BWA and the Seventh Day Adventist
commitment to shared values and goals on religious freedom.
Callam stated that “the BWA is pleased with the partnership that has been experienced
in the quest for religious freedom.”
The BWA leader also expressed delight at “collaboration in the past,” and said he
looks forward “to these opportunities continuing with greater intentionality.”
John Graz, director of public affairs and religious liberty for the Adventist church,
said that Baptists and Seventh Day Adventists “share a Christ-centric faith and many of
the same values.” He said both Baptists and Adventists “share a passion for religious
freedom, and in many countries around the world we cooperate closely to promote and
defend this freedom.”
The meeting occurred at the Adventist world church headquarters in Silver Spring,
Maryland, in the United States.
Callam met with all the leaders of the Seventh Day Adventist Church, including world
church President Jan Paulsen.

Photo: BWA General Secretary Callam meets with Seventh Day Adventist Church leaders. From left
to right, John Graz, Director of Public Affairs and Religious Liberty for the Adventist church, Callam,
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