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By Da’as Haddad

The Baptist church was founded in Syria in the 1950s as an American Christian mission
in cooperation with the local servant, the late Rev. Abraham Brick. It started in southern
Syria with the construction of three buildings in each of the cities of Salkhadd, Chba and
Swaida, and then it spread to Damascus where a building was also built.
The church experienced a period of stagnation in the late nineties. There were two
churches with a few members in Homs and Damascus. It was during this time that I became
leader of the Baptist Convention of Syria (BCS).
Since the end of the nineties till now, the Lord has brought a great revival through
internal mission and evangelism. Churches have been planted and established in almost
all the Syrian provinces. Now the BCS has 10 churches and five centers (churches in the
process of formation): two churches in Homs, three churches in Damascus, two churches in
Latakia, two churches in Tartous, two churches in Hama and Aleppo, and centers in different
The primary work of the Baptist church in Syria is the preaching and the salvation of
souls; striving to educate, build and train these newly saved souls to serve according to the
talent given by the Lord; and inciting them to go out and serve.
There is an urgent need for the construction of places of worship, as well as for
transportation, due to long distances Christians have to travel. Furthermore, we have a
shortage in ministers and we do not have a conference center. These are current prayer
concerns of the BCS.
We thank the Lord for the quick answer to prayers during the last few years regarding
training. There is now an Institute of Theology in Homs and discipleship classes in almost
every church. We organize five conferences a year, the majority consisting of training
sessions, Bible studies and evangelism.
Baptists in Syria have a good relationship with Muslims, who make up 90 percent of the
country’s population. The churches are trying in multiple ways to deliver the truth for all.
These include the distribution of Bibles, spiritual books and tracts; assistance to the poor,
both Muslims and Christians; and the delivery of the Gospel according to conditions and
opportunities, and in ways that will make persons feel that we are brothers and friends, all
from the same origin, and that all human beings need salvation.
The BCS maintains a good relationship with the government and in return Baptists have
a good deal of freedom to worship and to exercise our activities in the country.
All glory is to the Lord Jesus.

Da’as Haddad is the president of the Baptist Convention of Syria.
Photos: A Conference of Homs Baptist Church, Summer 2008;
Ordination of three Baptist pastors in 2008;
Baptism of 17 people at Homs Baptist Church, 2008
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